There will be no obituary here.

No biography. No history of the life. No list of accomplishments.

There will only be celebration.

I may be wrong, of course, and this castro is dead rumor may be just that, another castro is dead rumor. But information is trickling in from various independent sources that perhaps yesterday was, indeed, the first day of Cuba’s future.

Would that I could will fidel castro’s death.

7 thoughts on “There will be no obituary here.”

  1. Interesting use of the subjunctive mood here, Val.

    “Would that I could will…”

    I hope the rumours are right! I wonder if they’ll mummify him like lenin and mao. He’s looked like he stepped out of Madame Tussaud’s wax museum for a couple years now. Would get ripe quickly in that tropical heat. It would be a great Bastille Day gift to all of us.

  2. remember kids, if you read it on the internet, it MUST be true… man i hope its true, but how many times have we heard this story.. ive been looking through the brasilian papers, but nothing so far.. i got a friend in brasilia, and she knows the several cuban officials there.. if i hear anything i will send it along..

  3. scott,

    I had a writing professor that would make me rewrite papers if he found just one subjunctive.

    I do, however, like the sound of that “Would that I could will”


    perhaps he wants to be cremated cause he knows the line to piss on his grave is long. Very long.


    At this point, all we could probably do is wait. 26 de julio is just around the corner. If the bearded bastard doesnt attend any ceremonies or make any appearances, he’s probably on ice.

  4. El día de la alegría está cerca. Or, perhaps, esta aqui? Would that I could teleport myself to Miami when the happy news is announced. That will be quite the party! In ’04 Val talked about all those botellas hiding in refrigerators waiting for the glad day to be arrive. On August 14th. we will again carry out the tradition he suggested at my house of toasting not the birth but one year closer to the grave for the foul barbudo. Esperanza mi amigos!

  5. From your mouth to God’s ear.
    I started suspecting castro would die soon when I heard his Dr. making the ridiculous claims about castro living to 140 years. That was earlier this year. Then there was the brave talk about the revolution living forever, blah blah blah.
    Now we get chavez talking up the revolution living forever in cuba.
    And now I recall how out of the blue Bush mentioned last week that the NSC briefing was on Cuba…with no mention of why.
    Something is going on, and we can only hope it has to do with liberation finally coming to Cuba.
    By the Grace of God……

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