Stay in your seats, folks. (Updated)

The rumors of castro’s demise that caused such a major ado here and throughout the blogosphere are probably just that: rumors. All information leads to the news originating from Venezuelan news sources and then, typically as rumors do, travelling at cyber speed around the world and peaking the hopes of millions.

Unfortunately, sources inform me that the first apparition of the fidel castro having met Beelzebub news came Monday night in this thread at the Noticiero Digital forum. The poster of the thread, el espia (the Spy), I’m told was being facetious. Here’s a translation of the original post:

RUMOR: fidel stretched his legs, that is, he is Kaput.

Ths comes from a converstaion between Oswaldo Alvarez Paz and Carlos Alberto Montaner on Globovision.

It is said the raul castro spoke about this and that the US hurried to release their report on their support for a democratic transition on the island.

My assistant in Havana informs me that those who know of the rumor are presently displaying a cynical little smile.

As I stated originally, I take all rumors of castro’s death with a grain of salt. The man has “died” countless times during his 47 year dictatorship. But one cant help but get excited. We’ve been waiting quite a while for the day when castro finally does stretch his legs one final time.

Of course, given the secretive nature of the Cuban and Venezuelan governments, it is rather difficult to gauge what is true and what is propaganda. Both governments have people everywhere monitoring and controlling the media, thus one never really knows what to believe in these instances.

If we do not see any public appearances by fidel castro within the next two weeks, and specifically, on July 26, fidel castro’s revolutionary holiday in Cuba, we will know the jig is up.

So for now, keep the botellitas chilled. Dont start making plans to travel to Miami to join the celebration just yet. Let’s wait a few weeks before ordering the lechon and going to Costco for all the party hors doeuvres. We’ve been waiting almost 5 decades, twelve or thirteen days is but a drop in the bucket.

But keep this in mind as consolation: we wait for fidel castro to die and we’re filled with hope, he waits to die filled with desperation. Que sufra un poco mas el hijo de puta.

Update: Welcome NRO readers! I wish I could offer you all Mojitos and Cuban Cigars for you to enjoy while here. But, given the constraints of the cyber world, I can only offer heartfelt words.

9 thoughts on “Stay in your seats, folks. (Updated)”

  1. In fidelito’s case, specially, when it comes to his demise…the devil will be in the details, literally. When it happens, the gusanos will feast. Salud!

  2. What a letdown!
    So was this thread resurrected? The thread has a date of 3/23 and that rumour hit the msm on 3/31.
    So is this just a rehash of the March rumour?
    Looks like the devil (fidel) gets the last laugh again as he timed the rumour with bush’s cacaII.
    I think when all is said and done bush can make a cd of his presidency regarding cuba. He can call it “Asleep at the Wheel”.

  3. pototo,

    The thread post began Monday, July 10.

    Again, as you know, its impossible to gauge whats true and whats false when it comes to rumors from Cuba. But as I state in this post, July 26 is just around the corner. If the bastard is dead, we’ll know for churro on that date.

  4. When that glorious day arrives, I shall break out the rum, coke and limes and enjoy a Cuba Libre. Well, probably more than one!

  5. Latest – possibly more good news from Venezuela – Chavez speaking (albeit briefly) that Venezuela will help defend Cuba sans Castro (at the same time, of course, still asserting that Castro will live to 100).

  6. Val,
    I meant the original story not the thread, sorry.
    The original blog on the Vevezuelen site was dated March of 2006.

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