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Remember Spanish fascist dictator, Francisco Franco? The guy clung to power for at least four decades and then took a long long long time to croak. He wasn’t the worst guy who ever lived, but when that was happening, all the news ever had was these minute by minute reports about the guy, and he just never seemed to die. That created a spate of jokes about the whole matter, even decades after it happened. It just wouldn’t end!

Now over in Havana, it’s getting really gross these days. The front page of Granma is starting to do castro retrospectives now. castro this, and castro that, as if all this were more important than the news. As if people were supposed to suddenly appreciate and be grateful for the barbarous tyrant! It’s a sign that the bearded barbarian may well be in a coma or otherwise on his last legs. At the very least, something seems to be up.

Venezuelan blog The Letter Is Back has a screensave of the castro cover story in the latest issue of Granma, saving us the odious task of having to click onto the castroite organ just to see how bad it’s getting.

It’s like the Franco deathwatch. It can be seen here.

Hat tip: Miguel

UPDATE: If you can read Spanish, Carlos Alberto Montaner is interviewed on El Universal about the looming death of the beast in this item here. And he has an excellent essay of his own on the monster in El Nuevo Herald here.

4 thoughts on “fidel Franco deathwatch”

  1. our top story tonight, genralissimo francisco franco is still dead….


    couldnt resist, that was set up perfectly…

  2. Sadly, Val, I believe the old Fidel/Tete pic is due to a 50 year anniversary of the FAR. The July 15th Granma edition has a link to it.

    Nevertheless, the beast cannot last much longer.

  3. Nothing on Granma today, but according to that site, the text of his last speech was May 16, 2006.

  4. Castro had all oficial flags in Havana fly at half-mast for 3 days when Franco died, apparently the old man liked Fidel’s style and vice-versa.

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