Moment of Truth

The weekend’s news was filled with reports from Israel and Lebanon. Although the stories weren’t as slanted as they might have been, Israel is still portrayed as the bad guy, over reacting to the kidnapping of a couple of soldiers.

Does anyone believe that’s all there is to the story?

David Horowitz at Frontpagemagazine explains:

Americans need to take a hard look at what is going on in the Middle East, because it provides the clearest picture possible of the war we are in. On one side are al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hizbollah, Syria and Iran and their allies: Russia, France, Greece, and the UN majority. On the other is the only democracy in the land of Muslim and Arab terror. The origins of this front in the war on terror are crystal clear: the desire of the Muslim terrorists — the elected majority among Palestinian Arabs and the occupying Shi’ite army in Lebanon, backed by Syria and Iran — to destroy Israel and push the Jews into the sea.

The war reveals the impossibility of a Palestinian state and the necessity of a civilized occupying force in a region that is populated by a people who have been terminally brainwashed into an ideology of hate, which makes their self-government a crime waiting to happen.

There were 10,000 Jews living in Gaza until recently. They were so creative that while representing less than one percent of the population they accounted for 10% of the entire gross national product of the country. Productive and law-abiding as they were, their existence in Gaza required a Israeli army presence to protect them. So uncontrollable is the genocidal hatred of Palestinians for Jews (more than a million Palestinians on the other hand live peacefully in Israel enjoying more rights than any Arabs or Muslims living in their own countries). The Israeli army in Gaza was also necessary to prevent genocidal Palestinians Jew-haters from lobbing rockets into Israeli schoolyards.

Eventually, the Israeli leadership made a decision to capitulate to Arab Jew hatred and uproot the Jews living in Gaza, and to withdraw the forces that protected Israel from being attacked by Arab criminals. In the months that followed, the Arabs did nothing to improve their new homeland, which they now controlled completely. Instead, they elected genocidal terrorists to govern them. They destroyed the horticulture industry the Jews had created and that provided 10% of their GNP. They lobbed 800 or so rockets into Israel. During all this mayhem no word of condemnation for the Gaza aggressors came from the UN, France, Russia and rest of the Jew-hating, terrorist-appeasing and terrorist-supporting international community.

Consequently, the Hamas army command, based in Syria, authorized a further aggression — a tunnel into Israel and the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier. For good measure, Palestinians in the West Bank executed an 18-year old Jewish hitch-hiker for the crime of being a Jew. Still no condemnation of the Palestinians from the Jew-haters in France, Russia and at the UN. This support encouraged Iranian-sponsored Hizbollah to initiate another aggression, this time from the north.

The goal of the United States and Israel and all freedom-loving and civilized people in this war must be the destruction of the Hamas and Hizbollah leadership, their military infrastructure and capabilities. If there was a UN worthy of the name, it would expel Syria and Iran from its body, and send a Security Council armed force to the West Bank and Gaza to institute an occupation whose duration should not be less than a generation. During this occupation, the hate schools of the West Bank and Gaza should be revamped so that the children of Palestinian Arabs are taught basic rules of civilized behavior — tolerance instead of ethnic and religious hatred, condemnation of suicide bombers instead of reverence for them as martyrs, and such common decencies as regarding monsters like Samil Kuntar, a Palestinian terrorist who took a father and child hostage and smashed the child’s head against a rock and who is regarded as a hero and official model for Palestinian children as the monsters they are.

The world will not be a safe place or a decent one until the present regimes in Gaza, the West Bank, Syria and Iran are gone. This is a war all Americans must support.

For more clarification on the fighting between Israel and Lebanon, visit Camera.

3 thoughts on “Moment of Truth”

  1. It is about time to cut-off the evil influence of
    hezbollah into the Lebanon society,and let the
    suffered people of Lebanon to have a better future,no democracy is possible in Lebanon with
    Hezbollah as a political force,they are terrorist,victimaries and victims,because they are
    a card into the murderer hands of Iranians and its lackeys in Syria,all this sadly event has been
    encouraged by the iranians via the syria government so as to the iranians ease the burden of pression from the international community about its openly efforts to develop nukes.The palestinian people are just tokens,the vast majority are sufering,but a few are striving and
    stealing everything,they are very wealthy and the
    tactic is the same hate Israel,Hate western government,intifada,etc,when they are on the edge of getting a peace accord,then come the terrorist action and create a drawback,that is sad,but the truth

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