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  1. Dunno about you, but in my family, the only playa you were allowed to go to had to have sombra. Otherwise, forget it. Hence the popularity of El Farito.

    After all these friggin hurricanes, the thought of going to la playa with any shade is a shade of the past frankly. Before Wilma and Katrina, (post Andrew), we had been going to John U. Lloyd SP in Dania Beach, because they had shade right next to the beach.

    The trees are gone. The beach has been extended with dredged sand and no shade anywheres.

    I feel like the Cuban Charlie Brown and would ask anyone out there, does anyone know of any beach with palm trees, pine trees, or any other natural shade anywheres in SE Fla? Sitting under an umbrella is not the same as sitting under a shady palm.

  2. Great photo! Been searching for an “El Farito” type site since Andrew took its Pinitos away as well. Hallandale Beach provides a nice quiet beach like “El Farito” used to when people wanted to avoid the noise over at Crandon Park but unfortuantely no ay sombra. Hope someone gives us a hint.

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  3. Beach tips would be great. Heading down to Miami in August, so “where is the best beach” info from you ‘locals’ would be great. Haven’t seen anything close to my home beach of Varadero since I left.

  4. Piruli, the best beach in South Florida is clearly Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park (El Farito). But don’t expect shade near the beach. They have shade near the parking lot, and you’ll have to walk a bit to get to the beach. It’s the only beach with a lighthouse as well.

    If you heading to the keys, then Bahia Honda State Park would rank second. They have beautiful pristine beaches over there on the Atlantic side and a sweet lagoon on the Gulf Side.

    The sweeter beaches are on the west coast of fla in my opinion, but that’s a tad of a drive for you. (I love tigertail beach in Marco Island and Fort de Soto, North Beach in St. Pete)

  5. Mike – that picture was from Marco Island? The water looks extremely aquamarine in color, which is rare for the SW coast. In my many, many trips over there, including 2 weeks ago, the water’s always murky (not dirty mind you, just clear as mud!). Tigertail Beach must have the only clear looking water over there then.

    Cape Florida/Bill Baggs (El Farito) is definitely the best beach in SE Florida. The water is quite clear, not much wave action which makes it great for small kids, and the water isn’t actually too far from the picnic shelters. Avoid weekends if you don’t like crowds, otherwise it’s top notch, clean and worth the $5 admission fee.

  6. Robert, if you drive a bit further north to Siesta Key Beach (just west of the south end of Sarasota) you will find white crystaline sand and water so clear that you can see your feet while standing in water up to your shoulders. This beach is in my view, the best on the gulf coast.

  7. P.S. (re: Siesta Key) on a good day with plenty of ladies in string bkinis you will not be looking at your feet.

  8. My favorite beach on the West Coast of Fla is near the Sandbar restaurant near the north end of Anna Maria Island, west of Bradenton Clear, aquamarine water, gentle wave action, dolphins, not too crowded. And Sandbar is a great place to have a drink and/or a mean. If you want a spot of your own and are willing to walk a bit — as there is no nearby parking — try Bean Point on the north end of AMI.

  9. Mark and Omar, you’re right on as well about Siesta Key and Anna Maria Island. I’ve spent my summer vacations there 3 out of the last 5 years. However, the last 2 years, red tide has been pretty bad. The beach has been littered with dead fish and the toxins make you cough and wheeze.

    Robert, Marco has white sandy beaches and clear water. Tigertail is one of the best beaches. Miles of white sand and clear aquamarine water and lots of shorebird action.

    I’ve posted some shots from Anna Maria, Fort DeSoto and other Florida Beaches here at my nature portfolio


  10. Mike – No red tide this year, knock on wood. You’re right — it was awful last year. Dead fish everywhere, and I left coughing after almost every visit. But this year, AMI is clean, although there are reports of some red tide off beaches in Collier and Lee counties, with some creeping up to Sarasota.

  11. Marc, have you been to North Beach at Fort de Soto? It’s fantastic and you have a plethora of avian critters to enjoy as well . . . it’s the top nature photography spot in Fla.

  12. Mike –

    We visited there this past spring. Unfortunately, it was cloudy, windy and kinda cool. With the move and everything else going on, we haven’t been able to return, but we’re planning on it

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