New Low for Bastion of Journalism AP

When I first read the following at Ace’s, my first thought was WTF? Why wouldnt this intrepid journalist do a modicum of research, find Babalú, read it, and perhaps, maybe, send us the same email:

STORY OPPORTUNITY : Fans of Che Guevara – Associated Press (US) I’m looking for people who own ‘Che’ Guevara T-shirts, magnets, etc. Are you a Che fan? Why? Or is the image of his face just a cool icon to have? What does he represent to you? Why does he hold such mystique so many years after the Cuban Revolution and his death? Please include name, age, location and contact info. No phone calls, please. Contact [Name deleted]

I was a bit peeved, not because we didnt recieve the email, but because our voices would be silenced, yet again, by the MSM. Oh those embargo wielding extremist right wing Miami Mafia crazy Cubans! God forbid you ask a Cuban exile about Che Guevara!

But if you think about it, the answer is quite simple. Because if the fluff piece is about che magnets and tshirts and lip balm, you certainly dont want to taint it with people who actually met the man in person, and whose sole momento of the acquaintance is the grave of a father, or a brother, or a husband, or a grandfather, or a son, or any other family member you’ll hear stories about and wished you’d met but never did because of a che guevara coup de grace.

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  1. Maybe some of our anti-semitic commenters can lend this AP guy their Adolf Eichmann t-shirts as well. Nice combo, I think.

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