fidel castro Death Watch: Starsky and Hutch Edition

We linked to a report this morning that fidel castro will be attending the Mercosur summit in Argentina today. Sources inform me that the bearded dictator is supposed to be departing from Cuba this afternoon and arriving in Argentina sometime around 6 pm. There’s a chance, however, that if castro does show up in Argentina, he might not be getting off the plane.

From la Nueva Cuba:


Two Argentinian legislators ask for the immediate arrest of fidel castro upon setting foot on Argentinian soil.

Dos legisladores del Partido Demócrata de Mendoza anunciaron hoy que pedirán que el jefe de estado cubano Fidel Castro sea detenido cuando pise suelo argentino y juzgado por “crímenes de lesa humanidad”.

El diputado nacional Omar De Marchi y el senador provincial Carlos Aguinaga presentarán sendos proyectos de resolución en el Congreso de la Nación y la Legislatura provincial, para que ambas cámaras pidan al Ejecutivo la detención del presidente cubano cuando llegue a Córdoba para la cumbre del Mercosur

Two legislators from the Democratic Party in Mendoza announced today that they will request that head of state fidel castro be detained upon stepping on Argentinian soil and tried for “crimes against humanity.”

National Deputy Omar De Marchi and Provincial Senator Carlos Aguinaga submitted individual resolutions to the Congress of the Nation and the provincial Legislature, so that both entities ask the Executive to detain the Cuban president when he arrives at Cordova for the summit of the Mercosur.

Let’s hope these two legislators get their way, although, given that it’s Argentina, I think they stand a grim chance.

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  1. wouldn’t he have diplomatic inmunity since is is a “state” trip? They were able to grab Pinochet because he was vacationing, not on an official visit.

  2. I see a 10% chance this flight will end in a crash, with Casto valiantly saving the aircrew before succumbing to his exertions.

  3. Who cares. Arrest the motherfucker and extradite him here. There are some indictments here we may be able to conjure up…

  4. short explanation yes, with an if, long explanation no with a but….

    with argentina wanting to clean up/ clear up what went on with the dirty war and operation condor and the like, they (and the others involved) have started to lump the extreme right with the extreme left, in regards to alleged crimes, torture, desaparecidos, so maybe its not as grim as you might think..

  5. the problem with fuck immunity is any country can do the same to bush, or any ex-us pres or official, and you know many countries would love the chance to do that.. kissenger was invited to a university in sao paulo years back and the brasilian govt told him to stay home because they couldnt ensure that some crazy judge would ask for his arrest..

  6. Us hard line Cubans exiles in miami with our CIA and neocon connections should purchase a surplus jet fighter cheap and shoot his plane down over international waters.

  7. While fidel was exiting his airplane in Argentina I was exchanging messages with my cuban girlfriend who lives temporarily in Buenos Aires. She said ” they see him as an idol and call him the lider of South America and they seem to be very proud of him” I felt like puking.Do not count on Argentinians because they seem to have no clue whatsoever and the small group that does, doesn’t have enough influence and power.

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