Most of you non-bloggers Im sure can imagine how difficult it is sometimes to blog on a daily basis and those of you with blogs know exactly how difficult it is. It isnt just the time required or waking up early and reading news feeds or going through tons of emails or writing entries and maintaining some kind of posting schedule. When you focus on a subject like Cuba, there are alot of other things that go along with it: daily frustration, hate mail, the emotional toll, the hopelessness, the stress. Did I mention the frustration?

I really do often ask myself Why are you doing this Val? Why dont you just enjoy your life? Why dont you just spend more time with your family? Why dont you just write some fiction instead? Why continue dealing with all the bs? Why? Why? Why?

Because of people like Grammy in Philly. Here’s what she had to say in the Why are you here? post:

I am also here to learn. And in the few months that I have been reading this blog, I have replaced typical American ignorance with factual and documented information.

When I returned from an humanitarian trip to Cuba last November, I was convinced that the US Embargo was the cause of all of the suffering of the Cuban people. Naive? Yes! However, isn’t that exactly what most Americans
believe? Talking with friends and relating my experiences on the Island brought forth an appaling lack of UNDERSTANDING on their part about the REAL CUBA. They believe the progaganda; how sad.

I cannot thank Val and his contributing writers enough for opening my eyes about past and current political history. The books I’ve acquired (thanks to this blog), the websites I regularly visit and the heartbreaking stories of Cuban exile families have made me an advocate for all who express their thoughts and feelings here.

As I share photographs and anecdotes about my short visit to deliver medical supplies to Jewish communities in Camaguey and Havana, you would be proud of the information I am able to convey to others who haven’t a clue
about what has happened in the past, is occuring now and the true cause of suffering on the Island.

None of my friends will ever permit their grandchildren to wear anything with Che printed on it!! I become vehement when I confront comments about this reprehensible man being a hero!

This is another example of the ignorance of a large segment of the citizens of this glorious, free country.

Ziva’s post today (7/20/06) about the State Department booklets and “fact sheets” is the perfect example of a complete lack of understanding in this country about the REAL CUBA.

If our government is so woefully ignorant and most Americans don’t have a clue, how can we disseminate this knowledge to a broader audience? I know everyone here struggles with that question and I wish I had an answer.

I hope that my conversations with friends and associates will prompt them to question their notions about castro and Cuba. Most are thoroughly incredulous when I tell them about what I saw in Cuba, what I’ve read and how much I’ve learned from BabaluBlog.

Thank you all for opening my eyes.

No, Grammy, thank you. For listening, for understanding, for your support, and for making all the hard work, frustration, stress and tears worthwhile.

5 thoughts on “Why”

  1. Unfortunately we will never have a mass number of people all of the sudden thinking like Grammy. The Cuban propaganda apparatchik is very well organized, starting with Google. It would be nice, but it is not necessary to convert the masses, one at a time works from me, and that is where this blogging thing is ardeous work.

  2. Well does the allowing of the go fast passengers to stay (which I am glad about) smell fishy to anyone else? Seems a bit politically timed with the Caca II letdown. I would bet a ton of money that if this were not an election year they would have been sent back to Cuba. 20 witnesses? Come on now. Regrettably many of my Cuban brothers and sisters in Florida will be pacified with Caca II as well as the token “exemption” to the wet foot dry foot policy. If we Cubans can’t or won’t discern how do we expect others to?
    We deserve exactly what we get. My frustration is at its max and am beginning to resign myself to the fact that unless Cubans on the island make a change there will be no change. If castro dies so what? Raul is next, then perhaps roque or lage it goes on and on. The Cuban people will have to revolt which will be an unlikely thing due to their circumstances albeit self inflicted. But when and if there is a change those who would not help better keep their noses OUT OF CUBA! I guess I’ll go back and sulk and wait another 47 years. Maybe Cuba will be free in my children’s lifetime. I guess I am just running out of energy.

  3. Thank you Grammy, ditto what Val & George said. Pototo, I’m with you, its fishy as hell, but don’t give up hope. We’ll have a free Cuba.

  4. Grammy,

    Thank you for your letter and for championing our cause by helping to spead the truth about Castro and Cuba.

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