Miami, den of intolerance

Here’s the latest news from the City of Miami, that den of intolerance, the hotbed of right wing fascism, where not agreeing with the stawart and unbending Cuban-American Miami Mafia will get you ostracized and criticized, where the extremists will protest you and your life, where they will plant bombs and make ATENTADOS:


Cuban women in Miami to demand their right to travel to the island without restrictions

FOR the fifth time in the last 10 weeks, the Association of Christian Women in Defense of the Cuban Family is organizing a demonstration to demand that the government of George W. Bush respects their right to travel to Cuba and visit their families without restrictions.

On Saturday, July 22, starting at 10:30 a.m., outside the Torch of Friendship in Las Palomas Park on Biscayne Boulevard and Second Street N.E. in downtown Miami, these women, resident in this city, will hold their protest to express their disagreement with the restrictions imposed by the White House limiting their visits to Cuba to once every three years.

That’s right folks, Cuban women in Miami DEMAND their rights to travel to Cuba! They DEMAND that President George W. Bush respects their right to see their families!!!! Right here, in oh so INTOLERANT Miami!!!

I wonder how many PROTESTS these women held in Cuba demanding anything? And what about the rights of Cubans to demand anything, especially their right to travel to see their families abroad? What about the DEMANDS of DR. HILDA MOLINA?

Fuck that shit. Either start making DEMANDS against the one person and government responsible for their shitty lives, one fidel castro and his revolution, or get the hell out and back to Cuba. Then we’ll see what DEMANDS they’ll have the courage to make over there.

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  1. I can never defend anyone who would defend castro and make the US look bad for him. But with that said there is something we must remember. The USA is a free country Cuba is not. I would rather argue castro’s lack of freedom to travel without giving fuel to the enemy regarding our lack of freedom to travel. He has an excuse he is a filty despot we are not. And before you go balistic on me, remember I am totally 1000% against the dictator castro. El enemigo es fidel.These things are just symptoms of the disease known as castro. Tranquilisate, pase la noche en la piscina, besa a tu esposa y acuerdate que lo bueno siempre ganara. Todos estamos sufriendo pero ningunos como los que estan sufriendo bajo de fidel.

  2. I was just thinking that it would be great if we had a Jose Marti today. We do, they are all political prisoners in Cuba. I wish I had the wherewithal (cojones included) to put my blood where my mouth is. We are all frustrated. I feel guilty that while I sit and type in freedom Cubans continue to rot hopelessly in Cuba. Do I really love Cuba and freedom? I only wish I could do more than talk.

  3. pototo,i agree with val…although we have the freedom to protest,and the other freedoms,we are no suppose to protest that..i haven’t seen my mom in 11 years,and i dont blame bush for that…that law about the “visits” is not because bush,is because el castrado,so,if im going to protest,well..lets start from the begining,from where the whole shit started,and that is el castrado con su regimen,and in my opinion behind that “protest” is the hand of the el castrado,if those families that are “protesting” also include the right of cubans from both sides to travel,and the respect of humans right in cuba,etc,etc..then,i support them..but no..thanks..for me those “protesting” can go to hell..without visa..

  4. I believe they should protest castro that is not even in question. They should not be “protesting” the US, yet they should use their rights to change things they do not agree with. I believe they are only serving as propaganda for the monster.I was dealing with the fact that they restrict travel and it is expected of them because of who they are. I wasn’t siding with the protestors.

  5. its ok pototo..i understood you,and yes,we have the right and freedom to protest…just..please..LETS USE IT SMARTER…

  6. My point in this post is that these “protesters” are either infiltrados, or stupid beyond belief.

    you wanna protest the Travel to Cuba restrictions for Cubans? Fine! Go ahead. You have the right to do so. But fact of the matter is that the US isnt the only one restricting travel – and I dont wanna hear and bullshit “but the US should behave differntly” crap – if your gonna protest to be afforded the respect to see your family, protest the respect for your family to be afforded to see you.

  7. I actually bank on the stupid. I would venture that these Cubans are newly arrived. Which would validate my point on the other thread. They came for a better libreta. They don’t have a clue.

  8. yes,most of them are stupids,but someone..or “somebodies” are behind that shit,it just doesnt add up,they are “manejables” como lo fueron en cuba,y aqui tienen la libertad de protestar,pues,..dice el “agenton”,vamos a aprovechar el descontento,y usar estos “tontos utiles” pa’joder

  9. Val, this represents a historic opportunity to for the exile community to make a legitimate counter offer to the mouth-breathers @ Granma. In response to their hysterics, propose to them a bi-lateral travel agreement. Its terms – Unrestricted travel for all Cubans into and out of the island. If you word the agreement cleverly enough, maybe the censors @ Granma will publish it, thinking they’ve pulled yet another fast one on the Yankee Mafia again.

  10. I agree with Val that these women are “infiltradas.” Chances are they were sent here with the purpose to divide the Cuban community. Remember, many of those (Wasp Network) sent here before for that same reason, are already behind bars.

    On the other hand if they are newcomers, they should be thanking the U.S. for “The Cuban Ajustment Act” that allows them to travel back to Cuba a year and a day after they arrive in the United States. All other immigrants (note that I don’t use the word refugee. If you travel back to Cuba soon after your arrival then your life was not in danger. Ergo, you are an immigrant) don’t have the same priviledges.

  11. I left Cuba in 1989 (or rather did not return).
    I have never been back.

    But I’ll be on the next plane to a free Cuba.

  12. I can appreciate their point in protesting the travel restriction. Why the dichotomy in foreign policy between China and Cuba? These two countries are among the last enclaves of Communism and both sport a deplorable human rights record. Yet, I can book travel to Bejing with little trouble. It also seems that Castro would be only too happy to let the Dollars and visitors flow into the island. It’s an honest question. I’m not posting this to deliberately tick anyone off or to stir the proverbial pot.

    Does it just boil down to money (i.e. in this case China’s enthusiasm to underwrite so much of our debt) or am I being too cynical? Does Latin America factor into this as well? Does this administration’s tougher stance towards Cuba have something to do with trying to prevent the rest of Latin America from going through a leftist transformation?

  13. well digital least china has opened their economy,that’s a start,in the future china whith a developed middle class will aspire to a better and democratic china,but el castrado hasnt done a thing to improve the island’s situation,no economic opennes..en fin..dont compare china to not “digitally smart”…

  14. Chinese government didn’t steal BILLIONS of dollars from U.S. companies. The Cuban government, on the other hand, did in 1960 when Castro outlawed private property.

    Chinese government didn’t build secret missiles bases 90 miles off the coast of Florida. Cuban government did in 1961-62 which prompted the “Cuban Missle Crisis.”

    China is not among the “U.S. list of STATE SPONSORS of international TERRORISM” Cuba is.

    China doesn’t sponsor TERRORISM in LATIN AMERICA, Cuba does.

    Chinese government didn’t have their military torture American prisioners of war in Viet-nam. The Cuban government did.

    Chinese government didn’t send troops to fight long side Communits governments in Africa. Castro did.

    There is no U.S. embargo against China. THANK GOD there is a U.S. embargo against Cuba.

  15. Chinese government didn’t steal BILLIONS of dollars from U.S. companies. The Cuban government, on the other hand, did in 1960 when Castro outlawed private property.

    Fair point, but hasn’t the embargo avenged this act by this point?

    Chinese government didn’t build secret missiles bases 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

    As a proxy and at the behest of the now-defunct Soviet Union. Again, I think its a stretch to use it in rationalizing a travel restriction, especially when we’re talking about an act of aggression that was committed 40 years ago in a different world. Fortunately, most foreign policy isn’t predicated on those terms.

    China is not among the “U.S. list of STATE SPONSORS of international TERRORISM” Cuba is.

    Yes, it is, but only for what amounts to throwing a political bone to a key constinuency in a large, pivotal state. Cuba’s inclusion on that list undermines the State Department’s objective credibility on that front. Its a long, uphill battle when trying to equivocate Cuba with the likes of Iran, Syria and Sudan on that front.

    China doesn’t sponsor TERRORISM in LATIN AMERICA, Cuba does.

    They don’t anymore. Can you cite any more recent example than possibly arming El Salvadorian rebels in the late 80’s? Again, context matters: the timing coincides with the fall of the Soviet Union.

    Chinese government didn’t send troops to fight long side Communits governments in Africa. Castro did.

    Chinese reinforcements did fight alongside the North Koreans during the Korean War and supported the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. Thus, I find the two countries similar in this regard.

    There is no U.S. embargo against China.

    I think that you’re confusing cause and effect here.

    I still don’t see the rationale for the travel restriction.

  16. digital..if you dont see the “rational” hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver..but doesnt matter if you tried to “refute” everything that firefly said…sounds like you are the one with no rational at all..or maybe you are too “rational” and you are getting paid for being “rational”..or maybe you are being “rational” ..for free??..

  17. concho Tony,
    me parece que solamente dio su opinion. Tenga un poco cuidado acusando asi.Si somos pagados por tener diferente opiniones entonces todos somos pagados.

  18. july..las “opiniones” que el escribio me suenan tan parecido a las “opiniones”, “refutaciones” que hacen los castristas,por lo tanto YO DI LA MIA..o es que el si puede decir lo que le venga en gana y yo no??..y no acuso..solo LE PREGUNTE SI LO HACIA DE GRATIS O LE PAGABAN..por ejemplo..yo lo hago de gratis..ALGUN PROBLEMA POR ESO??…no confundas las acusaciones,con las confundas las ironias con las acusaciones..en fin…no armes el relajo que hoy es martes…espera pa’l viernes por la noche..o el sabado..


    First of all, please excuse me for replying in English. While I can still speak and read Spanish just fine, I’m finding it difficult to write in Spanish. It has obviously been a while for me. 🙁

    Anyhow, I wish someone would pay me for voicing my opinions! 😉 The truth is a lot less sexy: I’m just a grad student posting my thoughts on topics that I used to discuss with many others when I lived in Miami, whether over una colada at La Carreta on Bird Road or on Sunday afternoon in my grandmother’s house.

    sounds like you are the one with no rational at all

    Perhaps. You’re entitled to your opinion. As I wrote: I’m not trying to stir the pot. I’m just trying to understand all of the issues surrounding the travel restriction. I appreciate Firefly’s list of reasons, and although I’m still not sold, I can at least appreciate his position and that he’s given the matter thought. In fact I’m still mulling over what he wrote. It’s likely that as a result of some of the points he made that my position will shift, even if only a little. It’s the old Hegelian notion of the dialectic: thesis + antithesis = synthesis. In other words, considering myriad opinions and points and debating them will lead to a new understanding. That’s my interest. Note that any mention of a dialectic approach on my part stops well short of the ridiculous, contrived Marxist end of dialectical materialism. I just thought I’d nip that one in the bud.

  20. ok rational..i,i give you the benefit of the doubt,or whatever,but please..could you speak in “english”???…i mean..less hegel..less marx..and more mark twain??..thanks in advance.

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