Tienen hambre?

Croquetas de pescado.

Tamales de pollo y tocino.

Sopa de platanos maduros.

Guizo de Maiz.

Fricase de pollo.

Lechon asado.

And for dessert:




Im sitting here salivating. I just received my advance copy of my good friends Jorge, Raul and Glenn’s – The Three Guys from Miami – latest cookbook: Celebrate Cuban – 100 Great Recipes for Cuban Entertaining. Just from thumbing through the pages, I can honestly say that this will probably be a must have for any kitchen – Cuban or not.

The recipes look scrumptuous and the pictures…well…let’s just say the pictures of these dishes will certainly make your stomach growl.

Like their previous book, I recommend you get two. One as a working cookbook to add to your collection and another to set on your coffee table for all to see.

I’m hoping to have a few images from the book for you soon, pa’ que sufran un poco.

3 thoughts on “Tienen hambre?”

  1. Thanks Val, I was just thinking about this book over the weekend. You’re right, you need two copies.

  2. We’re getting a lot of email from people looking for the book…

    Val was one of 45 lucky media types to receive an ADVANCE copy of our book. Each of the Three Guys has only ONE copy — really! (So no, we can’t get you a copy — not yet anyway.)

    The rest of the books are crossing the Pacific ocean by ship. The good news — they should hit the bookstores by September 1, about a month ahead of schedule.

    AND you can preorder now by following the link.

    Thanks Val and to everyone who has contacted us after seeing the mention in the Babalu Blog!

  3. not fair people!!! I’m trying to lose the “baby fat” – (45 down…20 more to go) – baby Eric is almost 5 months old and soon I’ll have no excuse-

    One thing I haven’t had in ages is torrejas- yum!

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