Why it Sucks to be Cuban: Venezuelan Edition

Because you get to relive the whole damned thing over again in a different century.

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Venezuela just completed a major arms deal with Russia’s Putin, including an agreement to manufacture Kalashnikov rifles in Venezuela?

Looks like somebody’s still using that Communism for Dummies primer.

All I can say is: Venezuela, you’re a rich country, wake up before you become just another Cuba.

6 thoughts on “Why it Sucks to be Cuban: Venezuelan Edition”

  1. Looks like the US better wake up. Last time we were in the mideast fighting castro arrested the 75. Looks like everytime we are busy castro or chavez take advantage of it. chavez is potentially more dangerous than castro could be because he is a castro with resources. Look out cause its castro II.

  2. You’ll probably add Bolivia and possibly some others to the list in the near future. It seems to me that the political pendulum in South America is taking a hard swing back to the Left, not only because of the new leadership but because of the increasing amount of deals with China and Russia. Slowly and quietly it seems that a new bloc is forming and I think at least part of the blame has to be put on the US for advocating a shock therapy-like approach to liberalizing their economies and almost fetishizing growth statistics over the past 15 years or so.

    It’s going to be cause for a serious hangover in the US sometime soon with the Middle East in turmoil, the Chinese quietly buying up the remaining resource contracts (including many in South America), and Russia intent on playing energy hardball.

  3. Listen,just 30-35% of venezuelans see Castro
    with “some sympathy”,the rest hate him and his
    government,so the vast majority of the venezuela
    people are anti-castro.and more than 40% are
    anti-chavez,15-20% are ni-ni “ni Chavez,ni Contra”,so the real support of Chavez isn’t not
    a clear majority.Chavez himself has a megalomaniac personality has Castro has,But the
    difference is than Castro is a smart evil-doer
    and Chavez is a dull one.

  4. Vel, I leave you this link:, with an answer why there are so many people supporting Chávez in Venezuela (sorry, it’s in Spanish). You realize that basicly we put the knife at our neck all by ourselves. *sigh*

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