No gasten el espejo – Dont waste the mirror

So Im stopped at a light on my way to work when a Suburban pulls up next to me on my left. I look over and its a couple, both probably on their way to work as I am. The guy is driving and the girl has her sunvisor down and looking at herself in the mirror with the little mirror lights on. How typical, I think to myself, because when the Mrs and I go out, that little mirror sunvisor thingie is put to use immediately.

The light changes and the guy reaches over, grabs the sunvisor/mirror thing and slams it shut.

I couldnt help but laugh. I do the exact same thing. That sunvisor thing drives me crazy. I’m rather tall and I tend to sit very high in our car and that sunvisor, when down, blocks a good portion of my cone of vision while driving.

And here I was thinking I was the only one…