The Miami Heat

No, not the NBA World Champions, the other Miami heat. The one that’s been around forever here. The actual go outside and stand in the sun and feel your brain fry heat.

It’s been really hot here the past couple of days with no rain and very mild breezes. It is absolutely stifling outside. Like walking into a sauna. This morning, as I took out the trash at about 6 AM, before the sun had come up, I broke a freaken sweat.

Yesterday afternoon after getting home from work and finishing a phone interview, I basically ran to the bedroom, changed into my swim turnks and ran back outside hoping for a respite from the sun and heat with the nice cool waters of my pool. I didnt bother to dip a toe to check the temp. I just jumped right in.

The damned pool water was so hot it felt like I was swimming in soup. I ended up getting out and hosing myself down to cool off. That’s how freaken hot it is down here.

I cant, for the life of me, imagine living with this oppressive heat and humidity without air conditioning.

And you can actually witness how debilitating the heat is. Just watch any workers doing their jobs outside. Theyr’re relatively OK in the mornings, but when the afternoon heat sets in, they … turn… into… sloths… It’s like they’re in slomotion. Each little task becoming the weight of the world on their shoulders and seemingly taking forever.

That’s how damned hot it is now.

Beer sales should be through the roof right now. Which reminds me…

8 thoughts on “The Miami Heat”

  1. As hot as it is here, it does not come close to the heat up north or in the SW. We at least get a sea breeze and our temps never rise above 100.

    I don’t mind the heat. But then again, my office is a cool 72.8 degrees. (I keep my office at the same temp. as a humidor).

    The only time I mind the heat is when I’m wearing a shirt and tie. Why we have to wear them here I dunno. They should pass a law making it a fundamental right of all florida to wear guayaberas or tropical shirts to all formal, business, and similar events, such as Court.

    People would be so much happier. No more road rage. Guayabera’s are the key to peace in our lifetime.

  2. At one point today, it was 101 degrees at DFW …. but it’s dry and breezy. No sauna.

    Back at the turn of the century (early 1900’s), the people who came down and settled in Miami would travel to the mouth of the Miami River … it was nice and clean back then …. and I’ve seen pictures of the women in long sleeves and long skirts.

    But there wasn’t that much asphalt or concrete around. We need more trees in Miami.

  3. Gigi, we got tons of trees here. You just need to know where to go 😉

    As long as you stay away from condos, office buildings and strip malls, South Florida is a treasure trove of parks, nature, flora and fauna.

  4. It is hot in Texas. But, as stated, it is a dry heat. The pool water is warm here too. But, when you get our you get some of that evaporative cooling. When the humidity is really high like in Miami the water doesn’t evaporate and you just stay hot. It’s like wearing a wet sweater all the time! My thoughts and prayers are with the poor souls on the island today. As if oppresive government wasn’t enough. But, I’m sure the compassionate dictator has opened cooling centers all over the island so nobody suffers though. Yeah, right.

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