When I grow up…

…I want to be Jeff Goldstein.

I dont know how Jeff comes up with them, but man, the following at Protein Wisdom had me rolling in laughter:

9 OTHER legends Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin considered scrawlng in marker on her t-shirt for when the cameras caught her disrupting Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s speech to a joint session of Congress today:

1. “War is bad for children and other living things. Except neocons—who make BILLIONS off of AMERICAN HEGEMONY and who I hope DIE IN LARGE NUMBERS”
2. “At Least My Bush Can Pronounce ‘nuclear’!”
3. “Bedraggled Wannabe Hippies for Peace”
4. “Daddy Never Hugged Me. So I Shot the Wretched Patriarch in His Nutsack”
5. “Aerosmith: ‘Back in the Saddle Tour ‘84”
6. “‘No Muff too Tough / We Dive at Five’ – The Bearded Clam Tavern, Wicomico St., Ocean City, MD”
7. “Cindy Sheehan’s son died in Iraq and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”
8. “Help the brown peoples with words and a lot of sanctimonious histrionics, not bombs!”
9. “I ? Vagina”**

That’s better than a cup of coffee to get you goin’ in the morning.

2 thoughts on “When I grow up…”

  1. Just goes to show that we have an anti American pro communist 5th col in the American law making bodies and in the African American/Latino/Hispanic Caucus – remember, Major Owens along with other caucus members like Maxine Waters were heavily involved in helping Fidel Castro get his boy Elian back to Cuba. This is just another example of how close the Democratic party and communist pro Castro operatives like Medea Benjamin work to undermine Bush and American democracy in general. Can you imagine the communist ruckus that would of taken place if the Republicans had sent someone in to heckle Bill and Hillary Clinton? Massive MSM coverage and outrage.

    The sad thing is how the Stalinists create these groups and get away with murder. Medea Benjamin’s first group – Global Exchange – a group that is friendly to the dictatorship in Cuba – a group that was possiblly created with the help and funds from Havana and has done much to bring people to Cuba on “reality tours” to brainwash ignorant Americans is now considered by many in the media and government to be a “human rights” group. Can you imagine the insanity? Good is bad and bad is good.

    Medea’s other group – Code Pink is advertised as middle class housewives who oppose the war – BS!!!! It is comprised of no housewives but a bunch of hardened radicals who have graduated from many infamous Marxists and Feminist movements – yet the media again paints them to be middle American moms.

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