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Since this is the beginning of the work week and since Val is still AWOL enjoying sun and fun (damn him) I thought we’d start a free-for-all of topics and comments. So here is my list to start off:

  • The war in Israel and Lebanon
  • Chavez gets decorated in Iran
  • The Security and Prosperity Partnership (look it up at
  • Fans of 24: what will happen in Season 6?
  • Will Tony Soprano get whacked in the seventh and final season of The Sopranos?

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  1. The War in Lebanon – I wish the United States and the rest of the right-thinking world had the guts to let Israel finish the job once and for all.

    Chavez in Iran – Too bad he didn’t stay there.

    24: Once he jumps off the ship and swims back to L.A., put him on a plane to Havana to disarm one last Russian missile that has been retro-fitted to drop VX nerve gas over a large American city. In hour 16, though, a president looking suspiciously like a Kennedy, betrays him to Castro, who ships him back to the Chinese. ( I do love this show.)

    Sopranos: I don’t think Tony gets whacked. I do think the emotional climax of this show, however, would be if someone especially close to Tony is killed. I’m thinking Christopher, maybe even with Tony’s complicity. I just hope the final episodes, as a group, are better than the season that just finished.

  2. George,

    You mentioned “24”.

    Probably my two favorite shows are “24” and the Simpsons, so I was happy to hear the following news:

    In the next season of the Simpsons, Kiefer Sutherland will play an Army colonel which will mistake Homer for a terrorist.

    I’m will be interested to see what they do with “24” since it has always been based in Los Angeles and now Jack Bauer is on his way to China.

  3. I believe the Sopranos will go to “The Big Screen” in future years so Tony won’t get whacked. But someone of importance will either get (i)whacked or (ii) flip to the feds. Christopher would be too easy. Maybe Carm learns the truth about the deaths of Jackie Jr, Adrianna and that pushes her to the Feds, with the assurance that she gets to keep her wealth in Witness Protection….

  4. adriana might not be dead.. if memory serves correct, they dont actually “show” her getting shot, it was one of those “off screen” shootings, where we just see/ hear the gun go off right? it could be a twist with her coming back.. she may be in hiding, in witness protection, etc.. to take it a step further, everyone might truly believe she died, but she somehow made it back into town, and appears as a “ghost” tormenting christopher and the crew..

  5. I think:

    1) Tony gets indicted due to rat testimony close to him; and rats die and charges dropped
    2) tony gets indicted and convicted then before sentencing, he whacks himself thereby nullifying the conviction and indictment and his family keeps everything
    3) Christopher OD’s on horse and dies
    4) Tony Jr. discovers his feminine side and undergoes estrogen therapy
    5) the feds hire the soprano family to whack Chavez in Iran.

    i’m out of material

  6. It’s sickening how the anti-Isreal stance is gaining steam across the world. Can’t people see what Hezbollah is doing? It should be obvious that Hezbollah attacks from and hides in civilian neighborhoods. Another PR victory for the bad guys.

    As for the Sopranos…Christopher gets whacked, no doubt. I like Dave’s scenario of Carmela going to the feds. As long as her investment property is in good shape, she won’t care what happens to the gang.

  7. and maybe its opening up a can of worms, but mel gibson.. theres a bunch of stuff that bothers me here.. first, if the PD tried to bury the comments he made, that is totally wrong.. two, there are people coming out now saying “his apology isnt enough”.. well, what more do they want? hollywood has seen people get forgiven for doing worse things.. the man was drunk, shot his mouth off, said things he now regrets.. hell friday night i too drank a bit and said 3000 things to a friend,ended up regretting about 2998, i got a bit nasty, and found myself going back to apologize to her, and while its not up to the level of mel’s tirade, i did get nasty and personal with my friend.. happens to the best of us when a bit of alcohol hits the brain.. another thing that bothers me here is some say its a career killer for mel, this from a society that has forgiven alot worse..

  8. #1 – Correction: The war in Israel AND Lebanon

    #2 – Chavez award: Red dunce cap is the only thing that fits; anybody wanna guess the combined weight of Chavez+Brother Ahdeminaloony’s brains?

    #4 – 24: As long as it’s on the air, that’s all that matters. I agree – send Jack to Cuba for subversive activity.

  9. Daniel, when you say “fucking Jews! The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” I think all bets are off. Would I be forgiving if someone in a drunken state state said “fucking Cubans, all you’ve ever done is brought turmoil to Miami”? I don’t think so. Besides, there is a history here with his father who is reportedly a Jew-hater of long standing. I am very disappointed in him. It’s one more black mark on Catholics. In recent comments one ‘Lane25’ an alledged devout Catholic said he’d rather be a dhimmi than a “duped Isreali hack” (that would be me). This is not as uncommon as you think.

  10. I don’t think Mel’s apology is enough. He spewed the same vile vitriol that I’m sick of hearing from the anti semites. It’s a shame. I like his work. But he’s on my shit list along with Sean Penn, and the other bunch of idiots and communists (redundant term, I know). I can forgive a drunk, but I do not forgive a racist unless the racist truly repents. Frankly as George said, obviosly, the poisonous fruit does not fall far from the tree. His old man is an anti semite racist and denying of the holocaust. Gibson denied he had those feelings; but now we know the truth. We say many things while under the influence, but with one’s guard down, the truth also comes out.

    His so called apology was nothing more than, “sorry folks, I got a bit tanked and said things I shouldn’t have said. Don’t forget to buy tix to my next movie.”

  11. Could the news be anymore depressing today? A news search on Cuba’s topic of the day is about the oil “boom” Cuba’s experiencing and how the embargo leaves the US out of the loop, they cite Kirby Jones, long time cheerleader for free trade with Cuba, not visible is the stamp “article approved in Havana”. Also missing are the facts about Cuba’s oil industry. Also missing is the fact that it’s our own laws that prevent us from drilling off our shores and tapping into that same oil field. Then there’s the world body calling for a “cease fire” in the Israel-Lebanon war, which as we all know really means tying Israel’s hands while her enemies rearm themselves and fortify. Then there’s the Mel Gibson non-scandal. His father is a known anti-Semite, that’s the environment Mel was raised in, so no doubt he, like all of us who deal with the baggage passed down from our parents may harbor some of those feelings and got drunk and and said some nasty stuff. As a Jew, to me it’s a non-issue. Not once have I ever heard of Mel Gibson calling for the destruction of Israel, or for violence against Jews or anything unsavory, as far as I’m concerned, he’s one of the good guys.He’s been married to the same women for decades and is a family man, he doesn’t advocate crazy leftist policies, at least not that I’ve heard, no drug and prostitution scandals. Meanwhile the very same members of the Hollywood community “outraged” by Mel’s drunken outburst are either silent about terrorist attacks against Jews in Israel or worse, standing with their leftist comrades protesting Israel’s “excessive” use of force and calling for an end to the “cycle of violence”, both of which if forced on the Jewish state will lead to more death and destruction and undermine our war on terror. But never mind about the treat to our civilization or Israels right to exist, an actor got drunk and said “unspeakable” words and they are mortally wounded. What a bunch of simpering hypocrites. Mel is apologetic, and not once in his long career have I ever read anything where he advocates intolerance, I say give the guy a break.

  12. Things aren’t looking too good for the movie “che” on the hollywood stock exchange.

    So much for a box office revolution! Looks like this film will tank. Or, maybe it will make a huge rally when all those kids with che shirts go to see it.

    I’m hoping for tank personally.

    BTW, F you che, I’m glad you are burning in hell. Hopefully your butt buddy the foul barbudo joins you soon.

  13. Ziva,

    “Not once have I ever heard of Mel Gibson calling for the destruction of Israel, or for violence against Jews or anything unsavory, as far as I’m concerned,… Meanwhile the very same members of the Hollywood community “outraged” by Mel’s drunken outburst are either silent about terrorist attacks against Jews in Israel or worse,”

    You hit the nail right on the head. You’re so perceptive to see through all the smoke.

  14. The World hates Israel no matter what it does. Whether or not it drops leaflets warning of impending bombings. Which from a tactical standpoint is insane. And whether or not the IDF tries to avoid civilian targets. They’re hated. I think there needs to be back-channel messages from the Administration giving a green light to Israel to go after Hezbollah with everything, while Condi and Bolton play the diplomatic game and publicly condemn Israel.

    As for Gibson, I gave him a pass with “The Passion.” I thought it was PC Hollywood going after him. But when you (allegedly) utter such inanities, you deserve to get hammered.

  15. Since the drilling question was mentioned, fortunately the Senate should be passing a compromise bill brokered by Mel Martinez that will allow drilling, but which will protect the Florida Gulf Coast. The deal would establish a 125-mile buffer, and would also ban drilling in a military training zone south of the Panhandle, which extends as much as 236 miles into the Gulf. The buffer zones would continue until the year 2022. This way they can drill and they don’t have to screw up our Florida coasts and our tourism and fishing businesses.

    As to Cuba drilling in the Gulf, I hope that Sen. Nelson’s bill gets passed (which has broad support by our S. Fla. Reps. which will sanction any foreign business/individual who helps castro in his bid to find oil off the florida coast from being able to do business in the US)

  16. The Real Cuba has a tremendous video of a Cuban dissident in Bolivia spilling teh beans of castro’s medical equipment giveaway while Cubans have none. Here is a pop quiz:
    1. What is castro giving away?
    answer: food and medicine
    2. Who is the #1 supplier of food and medicine to Cuba?
    answer: The USA
    3. Whi is aiding the enemy in spreading his venom in Latin America?
    answer: the USA

    Now someone have the nerve to tell me the USA should not be involved in freeing Cuba! They are involved in keeping it in bondage!

  17. War in Lebanon – The world needs to shut up and let Israel take care of itself. I cannot think of any nation that is expected to put up with so much crap from its neighbors.

    Chavez/Iran – As if we needed further proof that all fanatics are alike.

    Security and Prosperity Partnership – I’ve heard a few people rail against Bush for this. I’m not sure what to think of it. I’m always a little suspicious of international organizations. However, preparation for a pandemic seems reasonable, in spite of they media bird-flu hysteria.

    24 and Sopranos – I don’t watch either. I tried to get into 24, but couldn’t. However, I couldn’t get into Alias until the 4th season. Then I had to go back and watch the first three seasons on DVD. It’s entirely possible that one day I’ll be sitting on my couch, glued to the TV as I watch season one of 24.

    Mel Gibson – Despicable things to say. Sadly, professors at American universities are blaming the Jews for all the wars in the world and not getting bad press for it.

  18. Since it’s an open thread I’d like to tell you all about an off broadway play that I went to see last Thursday with some friends. The name of the show is Sonia Flew and if I’m not mistaken it has also played at the Coconut Grove playhouse at one point. It tells the story of Sonia, a woman who at the age of 15 becomes part of Operation Peter Pan. She is in her 50’s, living in Wisconsin with her jewish husband and two teenage children and she is having serious issues dealing with all the ghosts from her past. It comes to a head when her son announces that he has joined the Marines.

    The play was wonderful! The actors were amazing and I cried like a baby. I enjoyed it so much that I went back to see it again on Saturday and I took my mother.

    Unfortunately this Sunday was the last showing in NYC but if any of you hear that this show will be in your town, you should definitley plan to see it. I highly recomend it.

    There is also another Cuban-related play that will be showing in NYC during the month of August called Rum and Coke. That show has also played at the CG Playhouse. Has anyone seen it?

  19. A comment regarding the tragedy in Lebanon and a tragedy in Cuba. I am in San Francisco and today (07/31/06) the headline in the SF Chronicle is in large block letter that say: “Israel Pauses Air Strikes After 37 Children killed”. I saw no such headline, nor any mention at all, in the SF Chronicle, or in any west coast media about the sinking of the Remolcador 13 de Marzo and all the children that died by Fidel Castro’s murderous hand. I just wanted to point out what hypocracy exist in the American media today.

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