16 thoughts on “Guess who was mentioned by Reuters and local news?”

  1. Man you are raking links and traffic, Val! I bet that at the very the moment The Beast goes to his richly deserved eternal pit of fire, Babalu will hit the 1 million mark.

  2. QUE RICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!
    Who knows, maybe the Herald editors will be the ones con un patatun cuando vean eso.

    No great loss.

  3. I bet they’re waxing his corpse for the mausoleum as we speak. Abajo fidel! Abajo raul!! Six FEET down.

  4. from CNN
    “But a U.S. intelligence official said he does not believe claims that Castro has died.
    The message seems to be: “The guy will be back in some capacity,” the official said. “There is no reason to believe this is more serious.”
    The word needs to get to the Cuban people to take to the streets. The time is now!

  5. I understand the bitterness towards castro and the hopes for his death, but why do people insist on becoming jubilant to the point where they believe this will change anything? Why do people believe that ONE MAN did all this damage? Castro is the voice of COMMUNISM. He is the leader of a REGIME of like-minded people who will not simply shrug and let Cuba be free once he is gone. You hear of cubans packing their bags ready to return to Cuba, for what? You think all of a sudden that when castro dies the buildings will be rebuilt, the slums will vanish and money and the good life will be waiting for you when you return? Do you think his brother or the numerous others that are in empowered in cuba will simply let go and allow policy to be changed? I am not here to crush hopes and dreams, because I do believe that cuba will one day be free, and that will be great. I am here as the voice of reason to those who think one mans death is going to change everything. Its not.

  6. baValú rocks! :p

    changing the subject: a friend of mine is in Cuba right now…I’ll bet he’ll have some fresh news “de adentro”- I’ll let you know if there’s something interesting.

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