Let there be light.

Heaven gives its glimpses only to those
in no postion to look to close.

ee cummings.


I took the picture above at sunrise yesterday morning from the hotel where I spent the weekend with the family in Hollywood Beach. Id gotten up early as I do every morning to do a little shore fishing with my Uncle Ismael and when I saw that sunrise, I had to run back to the room and grab the camera.

The picture does no justice to the overwhelming beauty of the scene I experienced at that moment. You cant smell the salt air. You cant hear the ocean’s whisper as it endlessly takes the shore to task. You cant feel sea breeze tickling your skin. You dont experience the thunderous silence of that moment.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that the same day I snapped a photograph of a sunrise fidel castro relinquished power in Cuba. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that it may be a new day in Cuba soon. And perhaps, maybe, I was meant to be at that exact place at that exact moment at that exact time. Perhaps, but I dont really know.

What I do know and what I can say with absolute certainty is that that same sun in that picture will rise yet again tomorrow as it did yesterday and as it did today. It will, as always, turn darkness into light.

My hope is that the people in Cuba, millions of people that have been kept in the dark for nearly half a century, will finally get to see the light. Let the Cuban people finally be able to live a new day in perfect sunshine from without and from within.

Yes. Let there be light indeed.

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  1. We are almost there, I only had one hour sleep. Babalu site meter is the countdown for fidel death, when the meter reach the 1,000,000 the official news will be on the AIR “FIDEL CASTRO IS DEAD”. nuestro dia ya viene llegando..VIVA CUBA LIBRE!!!

  2. I share your hope…

    This morning when I logged into my computer, the news “headline” on the MSN.com page was that castro “ceded” power to his younger brother…as though the right to “cede” according to his own wishes (and indeed, his right to rule) was the most natural thing in the world. I found myself imagining the hue and cry that would (rightfully) arise in the media if the President , at the end of his term, “ceded” his office to his brother. The fact that the Cuban people have no say in the matter seems to bother our media not in the least.

  3. I love Cheerleader’s theory!
    I’m at work, but I can’t concentrate. I keep getting online to check for updates. The news we are all waiting for can’t come soon enough!!
    (Great picture, BTW)

  4. “Babalú, babalú, babalubaié… quiero hacer un cambio de cabeza a pies…”

    Se huele ya, ¿verdad? Nunca pensé que la biología fuera a ser la clave. Claro que tampoco pensé que llegado el momento, éste momento, mi mayor alegría fuera ver a Guillermo ganar.

    De este momento me quedo, sobre todo con él. Con el símbolo que es ese triunfo agotador y no violento.

  5. pues yo aqui,despues de la noticia,estoy rezando pa’que la salud del castrado empeore y reviente en su misma mierda…dios me escuche y me perdone,y de paso que mande a castro al infierno,sin escala….

  6. I can only imagine how all of you feel, I’m not Cuban myself, but always connected with your wishes for freedom. I am thankful my own, Danish, Norwegian & Irish ancestors had the courage to journey to a country whose landscape they could only imagine and secured a future only by hope. My Mom said she connected with the Cuban cause after Kennedy’s betrayal at the Bay of Pigs, as it was unforgivable. And as she wrote me this am in e-mail, We hope that freedom may be just around the corner…

  7. For what it’s worth, Castro probably wouldn’t have lasted in Cuba for 47 years if President Kennedy hadn’t been assassinated.

    JFK was really the last prominent Democrat to acknowledge that Communism was evil. By the time Ronald Reagan became President and called the Soviet Union an Evil Empire, Democrats had already long embraced socialist ideologies and threw a hissy fit.

    The fact that Fidel Castro has been allowed to remain in power and oppress the Cuban People for 47 years is yet another stinging indictment of a morally and ethically incompitent United Nations that turns a blind eye to human atrocities that are taking place in Cuba and all over the world.

  8. New day, perhaps no new news.

    What is for sure, things are changing. The transition is in motion and get ready for a very long month of August. We’ll get solid “death” news within 48 hours or bits and pieces everyday.

  9. I can not lay off the news! I’m waiting, I’m hoping. I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m sad, I’m so many emotions right now, I can hardly explain.

    As I’m sitting here at work with Last.fm playing Latin music through my headphones, Eddie Palmieri came on singing Dia Bonito, and that song just seemed so appropriate for today.

  10. Is he dead yet????
    Allthough we all know he likes to throw shit like that to see the reaction of the media and the people in CUba. this is not the first time he is “dying”.
    As soon as I hear he is dead, i’ll go celebrate to the streets of NY.
    Viva Cuba LIbre! Viva la libertad de nuestra patria! Muerete ya Cacafuaca!

  11. Jen,

    Thank you for your kind words, and above all thanks to your mom for championing our cause. God willing, we will all be celebrating soon!

  12. Here’s how cnn.com presents it:

    “The women, who came to the United States from Cuba in 1970, cheered Castro’s illness in this heavily Cuban-American city northwest of Miami as if the communist leader many consider a ruthless dictator were already dead — which many hoped was true.”

    You know, Castro — whom “many” consider a ruthless dictator. As if it’s still up for discussion. As if it’s not a fact, but merely a matter of opinion. One man’s dictator is another man’s charismatic freedom fighter, after all.


  13. I got a couple hours of sleep and when the alarm went off, my first thought was that this is the first day in 47 years that fidel castro is not in charge in Cuba. We’ve got that special bottle of champagne ready and waiting. Viva Cuba Libre!

  14. I was hoping so much to wake up this morning to news that cagastro’s death was confirmed and that people were taking to the streets en la Habana.

    I keep getting impatient with the news coverage of the middle east because I want to know what is happening in Cuba!

  15. Step into the silence
    Take it in your own two hands
    And scatter it like diamonds
    All across these lands
    Blaze it in the morning
    Wear it like an iron skin
    The only things worth living for
    Are innocence and magic-amen

    May light shine upon Cuba once more.

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