Pure Emotion

I cant help but publish this from one of the comments sections:

It did my heart good to see all those people out there on Bird Road, to feel their joy and happiness along with my own. I was so proud to see my own children, born and raised in the USA take to the streets with me, dance, hold their fists in the air yelling “Libertad”. There was a moment when my 13 year sat on her six foot tall cousin’s shoulders and I video taped her high above the crowd, fist in the air, yelling, libertad, libertad, libertad * there was a huge Cuban flag being waved right behind her. What an awesome moment * I wondered when did this girl come along and replace my little girl. When did she learn about Cuba, about being Cuban, about the injustices Fidel and his henchmen have committed against their own people. She was really listening. All this time, she was listening and learning and holding Cuba and our plight close to her heart. She can claim to be a rocker all she wants, but when it counts, when it really matters – turns out she’s Cuban to the core. There’s probably going to be a small window of opportunity for the Cuban people to do something to change the course of their lives, I hope and pray that they will be brave enough to sieze the day.

This pretty much says everything that needs to be said. To the core.

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  1. If you are Cuban, I don’t how you can possibly read that comment and not cry… Abajo Fidel, carajo!!!

  2. That was incredible. That speaks volumes of what many parents and grandparents are feeling right now. My grandmother called me first last night to tell me the news. Not her daughter, me.

    Her daughter (my mother) was born in Cuba and left when she was eight. I have never seen Cuba and I have so many emotions for it because of the stories of my grandmother. I always thought that Cuba would be a place I would only hear about in stories about my ancestors and never get to visit because of Fidel, but now I have hope of seeing through my grandmothers eyes everything that she has ever told me about her childhood, my mother’s childhood, and things about “la islita bonita” that is impossible for me to experience here. All her memories were left behind with the exception of a ring her mother gave her and some photos her brother brought with him during Mariel. My emotions are just overwhelming right now and I’m near tears because there’s a possibility that I’ll be able to finally see where I come from and what my family went through to get here.

  3. They have been listening. My teenage daughter and my college boy both born in the US have always made fun of me: Oh dad, there you again with Cuba! Well, I saw joy in my kids yesterday, they could not wait to tell me about fidel. My daugther even suggested that we travel to Miami, to celebrate with the our Cuban brethren. I am filled with emotion.

  4. Still unbelieveable to me that this moment in time is actually occuring. The possibilities. Oh, the seismic geopolitical opportunity that the death of fidel castro is pointing to. I guess I am a skeptic after all – I need to see a body, then I’ll believe with uncertainty. The rest is up largely to the Cubans still there and to the exile community world-wide. Until then, we’ll have to watch the wire closely …

    “Si se muere fidel!”

  5. Even those with no relations have been listening. My first thought was that somewhere Heberto Padilla is smiling.

  6. Its also great timing for Andy Garcia and the dvd release of “The Lost City” next week….whatever company that is distributing it, if they have a lick of business sense will play off this story and run some commericals promoting this film that should’ve had a wide theaterical release

  7. It makes me want to see and join a peaceful re-turn invasion back to Cuba of all Cuban exiles worldwide to show and help our Cuban brothers take to the streets and seize the moment and demand “LIBERTAD”, “LIBERTAD”, “LIBERTAD”!

  8. I, too, am not Cuban, but my heart is filled with anticipation over this new turn. I am with all of you right now in wishing for his hasty demise. Good riddance to bad rubbish, as my mom always said.

  9. Being a teacher, I am surprised by young people often…they do listen (and watch) more than you think. This is true everywhere, and necessarily so because we often need the sheer force of youth to get over major obstacles in society. Young people are a resource. I pray that just as we are surprised by our young people on this side of the straits of Florida, we will all be surprised by the brave actions of young Cubans on the other side. And perhaps we should join with them as Piruli has said:

    “It makes me want to see and join a peaceful re-turn invasion back to Cuba of all Cuban exiles worldwide to show and help our Cuban brothers take to the streets and seize the moment and demand “LIBERTAD”, “LIBERTAD”, “LIBERTAD”!”

    It’s funny that Piruli should have written so similar a scenario as one I wrote on my own blog a few months ago. It was also curious to note that Congreswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen also warned the exiles similarly: “…urging all Cubans in Miami with boats to NOT attempt to go to Cuba to bring family members over or for any other purpose. All vessels will be intercepted at sea.” Can they really intercept ALL OF US? I don’t feel as wacky now as I did after I wrote that post. I wonder how I will feel if it becomes reality (and I become a part of it).

  10. OMG, I’m in Alabama and didn’t hear this on the news (no cable) or anywhere else until my mom woke me up this morning. My dad is in Cuba, along with my brothers, grandmothers, and a whole troop of aunts and cousins. I’ve tried to communicate with my cousin via e-mail, but he hasn’t answered me.

    I got here 12 years ago, and I know what that monster has made my family go through. I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen, although I’m scared out of my mind for what my dad could do over there. This is a man who blared “Ya vienen llegando” out of his house, with a policeman for his next-door neighbor, as soon as he got a copy of the casette in the early nineties.

    Anyway, I just discovere the blog throgh the Herald, and it makes me feel less isolated.

    If there are any other Cubans in AL, please give me a shout.


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