Rumors and information

As you can imagine, rumors are rampant right now within circles of the Cuban-American community. Ive heard that there was one person who witnessed the bearded bastard die personally. Of course, I cant cofirm the validity of that report. Nor, I suspect, will we be able to confirm any report of any kind regarding this issue. the Cuban government is holding all the cards on this right now.

Im getting emails from folks who have been in contact with family in Cuba, most of which saying that there’s an eerie silence in the island and most family members are apprehensive about discussing the events via telephone with family abroad for fear of reprisals.

Im told that the US Interests Section in Havana is busy preparing for come what may.

Again, at this point I want to stress that we cannot confirm much, if anything, of the information that is seeping out of the island and I certainly dont want to get everyone’s hopes higher than they already are. We are all just going to have to be patient, perhaps until some member of the MSM in Cuba shows some cojones and does some real reporting as opposed to trumpetting the Cuban government’s statements.

We will do our best to bring you all whatever news and information we can as soon as humanly possible. But until we can get verifiable facts and data, we’re going to hold off on calling for the champagne to start pouring.

We’ve waited almost half a century. A few more days is but a drop in the bucket.

But let’s all keep our fingers crossed, por si las moscas.

Update: Some of the emails Ive been receiving are heartbreaking. Many are from sons and daughters and grandchildren of Cubans in exile who have already passed away. They all say the same thing: ” I wish my father or mother or grandfather or grandmother had lived to see this day.” I’d like to assure them all that all of our family member that have passed on are watching the event unfold from up in Heaven. It is through you all, who quite possibly do not remember a thing from Cuba or were born here in the States, that freedom for Cuba is carried. Enjoy these moments as there will be much hard work to come.

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  1. wouldn’t now be the perfect time for the people in CUba to go out t the streets and protest??
    I know more than one is dying to do it!

  2. Is it just me or did anyone else notice that the local MSM is referring to Castro as “Cuban DICTATOR Fidel Castro” which is a switch from their usual PRESIDENT Fidel Castro?

    Also, no one has touch the subject on what has happened to the doctors and nurses that were part of the operating team. They are quite possibly “incommunicado”

  3. Who operated on him? Where? The hospitals that the Cubans get with their free health care? The ones The Real Cuba has shown us photos of?

  4. here is the rumour that was broadcast here in brasil.. it was an inside job.. back in argentina some in his security detial made comments about dissent within the ranks.. is this story running around in miami?

  5. Cuban fellows, as I write, I imagine the confirmation of the outcome we all want. I cannot help my eyes getting warm and moist, even though I’m not cuban and have no cuban relatives. Maybe it is because I’m venezuelan and know my country is Cuba-bound, only with a much younger dictator.

    Let the confirmation come and the joy begin.

  6. I have a friend, a co-worker, who is going to Cuba August 3 – she may bring back interesting tidbits which I will be happy to share…we should all remain calm and collected, although stocking up on some champagne might not be a bad idea, specially if it is on sale.

  7. I will officially be the speech rewriter from…
    Hasta la victoria, siempre


    Hasta el infierno , siempre

  8. I just read a story from AP about Raul being worse than Fidel. Could that be true? As a Cuban-American, that makes me very disheartened.

  9. The Cuban government has spent MILLIONS of dollars on three hospitals built sorely for the care of the Castro brothers (their family) and the Cuban government ELITE. One of the hospitals is in Castro’s private COMPOUND. Make no mistake, these hospitals are VERY WELL EQUIPPED and in no way, shape or form are anywhere similar to what the Cuban people use.

    At this time no one knows in which of the three hospitals Castro had his surgery. My educated guess is that he had it on the one that is in his private COMPOUND.

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