What you can do right now to help free Cuba.

Send an email to the President of the United States of America asking him to dedicate the needed resources to expand Radio and TV Marti such as the use of a C-130 Commando Solo airplane. It’s time for the U.S. to destroy fidel’s information blockade. The hour is at hand.

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  1. In some ways I hate to say this, but I think with the death of Castro the sanctions should be instantly ended and the doors to free trade thrown wide open. Not gradually, but with deliberate, malicious haste.

    My thinking is that the shock of mass exposure to the wealth of the noncommunist world may help bring down the post-Castro regime during a time of uncertainty. And if not, it should corrode them fairly quickly; American culture has that tendency.

  2. I’m very skeptical of that approach because Cubans have been exposed to “to the wealth of the noncommunist world” for many years. Remember the U.S. and Cuba are not the only two countries in the world. Every year 600,000 Canadian tourists go to Cuba and countless more British and Europeans. Every other country trades with (has no embargo on) Cuba. There would be nothing new in removing the embargo except that the ruling junta could skim even more money off the top of the Cuban slave economy. No, it would seem that the embargo and travel restrictions are a bargaining chip that the US can use to get the Junta to agree to basic reforms. Why cash in your chips at the moment that you need them?

  3. Don’t bother Presidnt Bush won’t pay attention to it. He is not up for re-election. Neither will he let Cuban Americans to go there and help the dissidents. The Cuban people need to take to the streets. I recently received an email ou of Cuba. It was the most brief letter I have read. It was either written in fear or chopped off. And no mention of fidel. It was VERY odd.

  4. Im with Conductor on this one. This is a battle for the hearts and minds of the repressed people on the island. If greater numbers of them going to resist anything the believe is a Yanqui incursion or influence because they fear change, this will get very messy. But simply exposing them to wealth, convienences, and tourists, etc., doesn’t automatically translate into a willing citizenry ready to cleanly break with the past and purge the island of regime sympathizers.

    With regards the President- Potato, im sure he is “paying attention” to the situation. I think it is a bit more accurate to state that he may not be pursuing your preferred policy tack. Let’s hope that he weighs all the possible outcomes of whatever policy path we pursue.

  5. lucha,
    my tack involves that he has allowed Venezuela to become a major problem for us as well as what is transpiring in Latin America. I stand corrected he may be paying attention, but doing nothing.

  6. Im fighting against a bunch of Spaniards equivocados in one of the forums of http://www.elpais.es. Que manera de hablar mierda. If you guys dont want to have a stroke please dont go by. It makes me want to cry that so many people support Fidel and send him their good “vibe”. Is disgusting!

  7. If Cuba is indeed a powder keg today, then I think the best strategy on Bush’s part (if indeed the Right is as concerned with the exile community as they’ve been preaching all these years) would be to call for an uprising in Cuba that, if successful, would result in immediate US financial and humanitary aid.

    The risk is that the US will need to be brought in to finish the job, something of which they have a terrible reputation (e.g. Us-sponsored Shiite and Kurdish uprising following the 91 Gulf War).

  8. I agree that the free flow of information is one thing that can be fairly easily provided at a reasonable cost to the US. Cubans are completely isolated from the realities of the outside world. That is a major part of the problem. The castro government does not allow the people to see/hear how much support there is on the outside for dissenting views in Cuba. Reprisals against dissidents is the only reality they know. Now is a great time to step up the flow of information by any new technical means available. I believe this can make a big difference in Cuba and is relatively easy to do for politicians here in the US.

  9. Potato-

    I think its more than a stretch to believe that the Prez is responsible for either Chavez’s assent to power or his Petrodollars. It’s also helpful to remember that Chavez took office before the President won his first term in office. Chavez’s rise to power if anything was represenative of the thirst for change of the Venezuelan people, and in retrospect, the United States really could do nothing to stop it. Of course, people have to live with the changes that they demand, and this is yet another example of the Latin American addiction to Leftism.

    We saved the Chileans from Allende back in the 60s just before he turned Chile into Cuba South. Nowadays, there is just no political will or stomach for these type of type of operations that are viewed as meddling with the affairs of sovereign nations. The bottom line today is that you make your bed, you have to sleep in it too. There will be no operations within Venezuela to flip the regime unless of course he uses Venezuela as a staging ground for terrorist activities against the U.S., or his military starts threatening other U.S. interests in the Southern Hemisphere. But who knows, we may be considering undertaking such operations in the near future if we perceive that Chavez is coordinating too closely with the Iranian Islamofascists in an attempt to hamstring us militarily in what is more and more looking like a much broader war coming in the near future.

  10. Lucha,
    If chavez hasn’t proved himself is the Latin American axis of evil and that he is a threat ala Iran/Russia/etc. Then he will never be. He is a destabilizing force in the region and on top of that our #2 supplier of fuel. I didn’t blame Bush for creating him, but for allowing him to fester.

  11. Pototo-

    We’re certainly in agreement that he is a destabilizing force and troublemaker in the region. But what would be your plan if you were president? Right now, we’re relegated to giving moral support to the opposition parties. We can fund them and other democratic activities. Elaborate on what you would do if you were president, right now. Would you want to pre-emptively attack Venezuela with military strikes? Would you want the CIA to actively subvert Chavez? Support a Coup De’tat? I dont think these latter options are remotely realistic at this point in time, and these are the only things you can do which will effectively stop Chavez from “festering”. Like I said- if Chavez really wants to go to the mat with us, that will be his undoing, but until we have clear indication of that, we are stuck in a holding pattern, diplomatically speaking.

  12. Tony V. has the best idea so far. But, I would rather say a few more shots would be required.
    The other solution is that half a million Cubans get out of their homes and march through Havana. What a shame that this is not going to happen and I’m 100% sure this would be the end.

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