Com’ on, say it with me now… (Updated)




Update: Let’s up the ante here. Allow me to add another parameter or two:

– Where’s Waldo raul?

– Where’s Dumbass Chavez? Why hasnt come to Papa fidel’s bedside?

– Why is the army mobilizing?

– Why is there no communication to and from the island?

Im just sayin’…


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  1. I have my cigar and my bottle chillin to ready to see the fireworks. I hope they kill each other.. Is going to be very interesting to see… Que se Muera el cabron Fidel… Viva Cuba Libre Carajo!!!!!

  2. In the back of my mind, I’ve been thinking just that. What if Fidel and Raul where both killed in a coup? It’s odd that Raul has not been seen. I don’t believe that Alarcon has been seen either. There’s something rotten in Denmark and it’s NOT ROTTEN FISH, it’s starting to smell like rotten corpse [Castro corpse that is] to me.
    I really do pray that Fifo and Raulita was killed in a coup because that will be the only way that Cuba as a nation will be able to regain its dignity which was stolen by those bastards so many years ago.

  3. Que tu boca sea santa, but still too good to be true. Something is happening though, for sure, and it is not just that the MoFo is sick. Something bigger.

  4. I believe alarcon was seen on “La Mesa de Comemierdas” either Tuesday or last night. He was on Democracy Now radio show yesterday. Remember he was the only one not mentioned in the will and he is the one that always shows his face for he Cuban government.

  5. Wow! I never thought about that. But it could be accurate as this game of “Where’s Raul?” is definitely odd. I don’t care if all of the articles in the MSM state that he isn’t a great speaker / behind the scenes / etc, it still is odd that he hasn’t been seen on TV!

    GOD help Cuba and the Cuban people in this time of great uncertainty…..


  6. This waiting game is killing me! I know it’s going to be a while before anything happens, but I sure would love to see both of them dead and buried and the people taking over their country again.

  7. I’ve been thinking the same thing — Fidel is dead, and the powers are putting Raul forward as a figurehead. Of course, he has been invisible, so maybe he is dead, too. I just figured he was really, really drunk. Interesting theory, but I also think the reality is not so complicated. I think they are just trying to keep a lid on everything to prevent the inevitable explosion once word is out that Fidel is dead.

  8. Hey can anyone confirm a report I heard today that they have cancelled the carnavales y las comparsas that were to take place this month? Something is definitely up. I also heard that a statement was coming out of Cuba today at 6 pm EST. Any confirmation on that?

  9. Chavez was in Mali or Bali or somewhere. I’m guessing there are plenty of non-Fidelistas who don’t want him around.

    Raul is shit-faced drunk … or he’s working the
    military to keep everyone in line and to keep control. That’s why no communications, and that’s why no MSM reporters are getting onto the island.

    Remember, there has never been a transition in communist Cuban history. This is all new to them, and it scares them to do death.

    I just wish the U.S. government would do something to up the pressure.

  10. for what its worth, the portuguese ambassador said in an interview that while he didnt see an increase in a military prescence, he saw a slight, barely noticeable increase in police on the street.. take it as you wish..
    in brasil they have reported that fidel is alive and out of intensive care, and site juanita castro as the source..

  11. Ernesto Pinochet, please call your office. We’ve got an urgent matter that requires your attention. 🙂

    Sure, Coup de’ tats are swell when the the regime being served up a can of whoopass are dictatorial Communists. But we have to hope the new blood coming in aren’t merely replacing one Communist dictatorship with another. Who and where are the reformers with weapons?

  12. The only thing missing is a comment from the French ….. oh, wait! There’s no war and no surrender options.

    BTW, what’s with Juanita? She only pops her head in media to defend el broder. Disgusting twit.

  13. Found something interesting on at

    “Alongside with the ritualistic calls for “democracy” in Cuba, US government officials announced plans for a major deployment of the Navy and US Coast Guard to effectively blockade the island and prevent refugees from fleeing to the US in the event Washington intervenes militarily or succeeds in precipitating a major crisis on the island.”

    Is it just me, or did the misconstrue what was actually said?

    And then there’s this…

    “The longevity of the Castro regime -and its survival of the collapse of the Soviet bloc upon which it had depended for some 30 years to subsidize Cuba economy – is routinely attributed by Washington to political repression.

    In reality, the popularity Castro continues to enjoy in Cuba is rooted in the nationalist resentment of the Cuban people toward US attempts to starve the island into submission and dictate its future. It also is fed by the hostility and fear directed at the Miami-based exile groups, whose aim is to return to the country and assume political power.”

  14. it seems that we need a push from somewhere…but from where? Cubans in the island? Exiles? US government? Other governments?

  15. According to this Canadian who is in Cuba, he saw Raul today, but who knows if he is lying or not. Here is what he told Reuters:
    “If I were going to try to suggest to the Cuban people at the moment that what we have is tranquillity, absolute continuity and a large team more in place than ever, the last thing I would do is make a national broadcast as in a time of crisis,” said Hal Klepak, professor of history at the Royal Military College of Canada and an author of book on Cuba’s military.

    Klepak, who is in Havana doing research, said he had seen Raul Castro drive by in a motorcade close to Revolution Square on Thursday and that pedestrians stopped to see him pass and drivers leaned out of cars to get a better look.

    “Everyone broke out into applause, and even quite a few “Vivas!,” said Klepak.

  16. Nah, there’s nothing going on, everything’s gonna be just ducky: from the leftist/marxist Beeb (that’s the BBC), another reassuring Juanita-watch fluff piece:
    “She says the acts of jubilation seen in Miami since the news of Fidel Castro’s ill health first emerged are wrong.

    “These demonstrations were unnecessary. They don’t offer the world a good image for our cause, our country and the exile community as a whole.”

    “I don’t hate anybody,” says Juanita. “And, I’m taking the first step by talking about it and expressing concern over the future of Cuba.”

    (Eso no se lo cree ni ella.)

  17. What I see is a lot of people sticking their necks out for the Cuban government and that perhaps, just maybe, there willbe some major heaping portions of crow theyre going to have to eat.

  18. la espanola ‘ta loca. . . says “as if it were a ritual performed for the last 20 years”. . . ummmm, not as if, it is. and the tradition is 46 years old, or at least as old as the restaurant, which is 35 this year.

  19. I just received a few emails from my cousin. They don’t say much as you have to communicate discretely. Here is what he said;

    Por aqui estamos bien y todo esta tranquilo.

    He works for some government office and they monitor everything. But we can communicate and send fotos.

  20. well I’m not buyin into this one after the last two letdowns in the last few weeks.
    1. I received an email from Cuba on August 1
    2. Just spoke to someone ( about 2 hous ago)who had just gotten off the phone with someone in Cuba
    3. There is no proof of anything that is suggested.
    4. I wish it were true

  21. Mas Santo from the CANF extended an ivitation to the Cuban military to do the right thing for Cuba and not go along with castro’s transition plan and set up a provisional government.

    in effect this would be a military coup that would rid Cuba of the castros once and for all, prevent the cuban people from getting slaughtered in the streets, and provide some secutrity.

    althought id rather see the castros go out from a case of lead poisoning inflected by their own weapons, i don’t know if i like the thought of cuba in the hands of olive garbed, goose stepping “ex” communists.

  22. Oh yeah and #5
    Babalublog is one of the few credible sources for truth regarding Cuba, lets not blow it by assumptions.

  23. pototo,

    I wasnt assuming anything, I was justthrowing something out there for debate. I mean, we’ve discussed almost every scenario except a military coup, so, I figured, why not?

    it’s certainly possible, no?

  24. Val,
    I want it as bad or worse than the next guy. Possible yes, worth adding fuel to the fire,no. We have all been through soooo much these last few weeks and the last thing we need is another letdown. On another topic what makes the CANF think that there invitation to the Cuban military will ever be heard by them?

  25. too bad the ticker at the USIS won’t show it.
    What a shame another opportunity blown!It would have had great exposure.

  26. Pototo:

    from today’s sun sentinnel. south florida’s bastion of truth.

    “Speaking to reporters at the landmark Versailles Restaurant, Mas Santos said his organization has contacted some Cuban officials since Monday, but did not say who they were.

    “We are calling on those in the military to take hold of their future,” Mas Santos said.”

  27. Reinier,
    Sun-Sentinel isn’t on sattelite. Look I’m not against the idea, I am for it, but no video media to my knowledge is showing it and I highly doubt that any general who is not already leaning toward a coup is going to take the chance and do a google search or go to CANF’s website. They get watched as well. I hope there is a coup. This has to be broadcast on Radio Marti, Miami stations that get into Cuba, and yes, the ticker.

  28. I agree with El Conductor, these generals do have satellites at home and have access to the media in Miami. Thats one of the first things they will look at for info and reactions of the anouncement.

  29. why doesn’t someone put up a cuban phone directory online?

    Flood the phone lines and tell them what is going on. I say it would be money well spent.

    Word of mouth still travels faster than that radio station with wings we’re looking to rent out.

  30. Reinier,
    my bad, I was ASSUMING that it was just press conference stuff. In that case lets keep pushing.

  31. Pototo,

    CANF was created last week. Many Cubans on the island know who they are and what is their purpose. Let’s not forget that the late Jorge Mas Canosa was a huge symbol of a free Cuba. He even debated on national TV with Ricardo Alarcon when he was a UN Ambassador.

  32. I just read this at La Nueva Cuba



    Estados Unidos realizará importantes anuncios en los próximos días sobre Cuba, incluyendo posibles cambios en la política migratoria hacia la isla , revelaron hoy tres congresistas cubanoamericanos. Los legisladores hablaron de los planes del gobierno estadounidense, sin dar detalles, tras sostener una reunión en Washington sobre la actual situación en Cuba con funcionarios del Consejo Nacional de Seguridad y del Departamento de Estado de EEUU. ‘Conversamos sobre cuál es el plan para ayudar al pueblo esclavizado de Cuba a vivir en democracia. Estamos optimistas de que esta administración está lista para asistirlo’, informó la congresista republicana por Florida Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Ros-Lehtinen dio una conferencia de prensa en Miami junto con sus colegas republicanos Lincoln Díaz-Balart y Mario Díaz-Balart. ‘No vamos a dar los detalles de esas conversaciones, pero salimos muy complacidos de que los resultados serán de gran beneficio para los cubanos’, dijo la legisladora. Lincoln Díaz-Balart subrayó que las medidas están encaminadas a ayudar al pueblo de Cuba a lograr la transición democrática. Al ser preguntado sobre las modificaciones a la política migratoria, sólo dijo: ‘lo que más me agradó de las conversaciones es que hasta el tema de inmigración, de los que se lanzan al mar desesperados, la administración (de EEUU) lo está enfocando con la meta correcta’. En EEUU existe un decreto presidencial conocido como ‘pies secos y pies mojados’ que establece que los cubanos que son interceptados en el mar, aunque sea a pocos metros de la orilla, deben ser repatriados.

    Read the rest here.

  33. The Idea posted here early is a good one, We should start telling people in cuba to ask this question..?
    – “Where is FIDEL…??? We want to see the comandante”

    That way they can’t say it is a contrarevolucionary pettition…..!

  34. Miami Channel 41 (America TeVe) is widely seen in Cuba. The show A Mano Limpia is a big hit down there, believe me – the generals watch it. Last night on the program they had an ex Cuban general, Jose Quevedo Perez, who left Cuba in 2003 and at the end he made a very emotional 5-minute plea to his old compatriots in Cuba to rise up against Raul.

  35. I just went to the website and instead of calling people, would it be better just to email them? It’s free! Email addresses are provided for every phone listing. I also noticed that these people are your average Cuban citizen. Some have very good positions in Cuba.

  36. Val,
    Christen this thing before they shut it down. We could thousands of emails sent as well as phone calls.

  37. Just an idea for the email corrections would be helpful.
    “¿Donde están los lideres de Cuba? ¡Vayan a las calles y demanden la libertad!
    El ejercito tiene temor. ¡Hoy es el día de la libertad! Tus hermanos en exilio te ayudaran. ¡Todos deseamos una Cuba LIBRE! ¡Viva Cuba LIBRE!

    Send them now.

  38. Can’t we get someone on the news or Channel 41 to spread this message? The Cuban people need to know they have the right to demand the truth. The bullshit has got to end. The more time the gov’t stalls the less time the opportunity remains available.

  39. The media and public at large will take notice if Cuba is forced to shutdown its incoming telecommunications.

    More importantly it will become ever so evident to the Cuban population that they are being lied to.

  40. I have an Idea;

    Do we have any Spam Artist in the Blog..? Because we don’t see the actual Addresses, we only need the domains, and we can replicate thowsand of e-mails to cuba.

    for example ****

  41. I’ve been sending some emails out and here is the Cuban response

    No concedido

    Looks like we’re blocked.

  42. Could we printout the names and #’s and hand them out? It would require the goodwill of someone with a printing company or the takeover of Kinkos across South Florida.

    The wheels need to start turning.

  43. Val, I just sent you an email with an attachment of about 500 addresses from the Cuban white pages.
    If you guys are interested I will be grabbing the rest

  44. Ok. My wife just called me and told me that a relative of hers just got a call from a friend of hers and the friends son works as an executive at Leon Medical Center. He was just called into a meeting with Leon (the owner) and other executives. He was informed that the news at 6 will reveal that castro was dead and to prepare for the old patients coming in. I am just passing this along. I am not really buying that much. Just felt I had to say it.

  45. If you guys draft an email I will pull out the email addresses and mass email. I have a feeling that we are about to hear Fidel is dead. I can just feel it.

  46. Don’t do mass mails, only one mail at one time or they get blocked.

    Try to use a European proxy when sending.

  47. GO OSCAR!!!
    any suggestions on the message. Whether fidel is dead or not it needs to go. We need to win these people back to freedom. Hey, this is great!!!

  48. Hey can anyone give those of us who are Miami challenged a play by play of what is said on Mesa Re-tonta?

  49. I am at this moment ready to dispatch an email to a woman I found on that “paginas blancas” web site. Are we all going to do this? Let me know and I’ll send it off!

  50. I feel respondsible for the message I wrote earlier about an announcement about fidel being dead at 6pm. My wife called me a few minutes ago and said that part of the story was said wrong, as it happen when your the 10th person to hear it.

    Everything about the story I posted earlier is correct except for this part: Leon Medical Centers called a meeting with all the employees and told them that an announcement was going to be made sometime after rush hour. Most likely when everyone is at home so traffic accidents are avoided and not alot of traffic. Let’s see. I still don’t completely believe it.

  51. I sent two more and so far, no undeliverable messages or blocks. I sent a brief introductory couple of sentences followed by the Bush statement and closing sentence about my desire to establish an ongoing link with them. It would be so cool to get a response!

  52. from his death bed fidel whispers to raul:

    fidel: “raul, you are in power now!”

    raul: “yes, fidel”

    fidel: “but are the people with you?”

    raul: “yes, and who isn’t with me is with you”

    (let’s hope not)

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