21 thoughts on “<i>El Barbaro</i> does it again…”

  1. “There’s a TV tuned to CNN, a fridge emblazoned with a Dolphins sticker and a tent for shade.”

    Hey Val, I thought you don’t watch CNN.

  2. vayaaa..vayaaaa val…tu si ere’ famosito…te vamo’ a poner una e’trellita en la calle de la fama de holli..hmm…digo..de la calle 8…congratulations acere…bien ganado te lo tienes..!!!!!!!

  3. Great Article. At last, answers to all the questions I’ve had re your blog, those mysterious eyes, and you Val. Keep it up.

  4. Lovely article. All this time I was sure those eyes were the eyes of the great Sarita Montiel. It makes sense that your aunt was a beautiful actress. As a child in Cuba my grandfather always took me to “el cine” to see the movies of Sarita Montiel. We were extremely close and he wanted my mom to leave me behind when she left was to leave the island to join my father who had already escaped. He thought for sure that the exile would not be long. When my mother said no he told her he couldn’t stay behind without “mi nino”. He got his papers in order. He had a travelling suit tailored for me. Cancer took him two months before our exit orders came. I was 7 years old when I left Cuba. For years I thought my grandfather was still coming.

    I borrowed your “This is for” format for my own journal. I hope you won’t mind.

  5. ok, that does it: Val for president!!!
    \ |
    * \ |
    / |

  6. Felicidades, and thanks for posting it where the rest of us who are away could read it. And, as long as we’re on the topic of good coverage, did you catch yesterday’s front page of USA Today? I thought the lead art (main photo in journalism jargon 😉 ) was refreshingly positive re: Miami exiles. If you haven’t taken the time, study it. The photo provides resolute evidence of a loyalty and fervor that a million pr stories from cnn could never desmentir.

  7. Congrats Val (and Amanda), that was an excellent and emotive article.

    I was wondering for a long time what had happened to Liz Balmaseda. Now I know she’s working for the PB Post. In describing Val’s upbringing and the blog, she did a great job of capturing the “human” side of Cuban exile without getting into the usual political rhetoric.

  8. I agree with Robert. Well-written article, besides the fact that the subject is dear to our hearts.

    My wife was reading over my shoulder…family, family, family…endearing. It’s the factor that nurtures us, drives us, shelters us and speaks to the rest of the world about us.

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