Lets “revolver la mierda” a bit…

We Cubans have a way of expressing ourselves with colloquilalisms that is second to none — except for the good ole US of A. One my favorite Cuban colloquiallisms is hay que revolver la mierda — “stir the shit” or “stir the pot” or equivalent. In other words, let’s stir it up a bit. One of our commenters, Pototo, mentioned that he had found the Cuban government’s equivalent of the Yellow Pages on the net. The address is http://paginasamarillas.cuba.cu/ but I won’t link to it directly for various reasons.

Feel free to contact some of the folks on this list and encourage them to take positive action in these uncertain times, to take the initiative and say ¡Ya no mas! and end the regime once and for all with the greatest power on earth:

People Power!

Do it with the spirits of Jefferson, Martí, and Gandhi behind you. Do not fear.

16 thoughts on “Lets “revolver la mierda” a bit…”

  1. Hey,
    Did I miss something? The Miamiherald.com went from all Cuba front page to nothing on the front page. This is like the twilight zone.

  2. I’ll say it again- Calling will get the word spread faster.

    I am not in miami yet but I am sure that if you stand outside with lists of Cuban phone numbers people will call. Especially the contigent that wont use a computer.

  3. Call as well, the numbers are listed. I’m not in Miami either. My next stop in Miami will be a stopover on the way to a free Cuba!

  4. I have been hitting every Cuban blogger on the island. The Cuban bloggers do not update that often, which may stem from the fact that they only post when they are at work, or because they have slow dial-up accounts. This means that any commnents will remain on the site for at least 24 hours before they are deleted. Some sites just look the other way and keep the comments.

  5. I was sending from my bellsouth email account and they are all getting bounced. I then sent one from my lycos email and it didn’t get bounced. So try that.

  6. I heard this phrase used in the movie “The Chronicles of Riddick” in which Kira, Riddick’s friend, stabs The Necromonger leader with a spear, and then the wife of the guy who wants to revolt says “NOW!, Kill the beast while he’s wounded!” Now, the beast is the Current Cuban government. The woman with the spear is castro’s “Intestinal Crisis”, The Necromonger leader is Castro and his government, And the woman shouting the phrase is the U.S. WE Cuban Americans and the Cubans in Cuba are Riddick. For those who watch the movie, you know what I mean. Time to take back what is rightfully OURS

  7. I never thought I could have so much fun sending emails to Cuba!!! I am working off the yellow pages and over 90% of my messages have not been rejected! I can’t wait to see the answers I might get tomorrow!!!

    Nuestro dia ya viene llegando!

  8. I sent an email with a link of the “ya viene llegando” post here at babalú to some cuban email addresses (some got returned)

    Will it make a difference to email cuban official newspapers, etc? whacha think?

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