Statement from President George W. Bush On Cuba

Just released:


Office of the Press Secretary

(McAllen, Texas)

For Immediate Release August 3, 2006


The United States is actively monitoring the situation in Cuba following the announcement of a transfer of power. At this time of uncertainty in Cuba, one thing is clear: The United States is absolutely committed to supporting the Cuban people’s aspirations for democracy and freedom. We have repeatedly said that the Cuban people deserve to live in freedom. I encourage all democratic nations to unite in support of the right of the Cuban people to define a democratic future for their country. I urge the Cuban people to work for democratic change on the island. We will support you in your effort to build a transitional government in Cuba committed to democracy, and we will take note of those, in the current Cuban regime, who obstruct your desire for a free Cuba. In the event of a transition in the Cuban government, we stand ready to provide humanitarian assistance as needed to help the Cuban people. It has long been the hope of the United States to have a free, independent, and democratic Cuba as a close friend and neighbor. In achieving this, the Cuban people can count on the full and unconditional support of the United States.

En español:


Estados Unidos está observando atentamente la situación en Cuba a raíz del anuncio de una transferencia de poder. En estos momentos de incertidumbre en Cuba, una cosa queda clara: Estados Unidos está totalmente comprometido en su apoyo a las aspiraciones de democracia y libertad del pueblo cubano. Hemos dicho repetidas veces que el pueblo cubano merece vivir en libertad. Quiero animar a todas las naciones democráticas a unirse en el apoyo al derecho del pueblo cubano de definir un futuro democrático para su país. Exhorto al pueblo cubano a trabajar para un cambio democrático en la isla. Vamos a apoyarlos en sus esfuerzos para construir un gobierno de transición en una Cuba comprometida con la democracia y tomaremos nota de aquéllos, en el actual régimen cubano, que obstruyen sus deseos de una Cuba en libertad. En el caso de una transición en el gobierno cubano, estamos listos para proporcionar la asistencia humanitaria que se necesite para ayudar al pueblo cubano. Desde hace muchos años Estados Unidos tiene la esperanza de tener a una Cuba democrática, independiente y libre, como una buena amiga y vecina. Para lograr esto, el pueblo cubano puede contar con el apoyo total e incondicional de Estados Unidos.

Huge hat tip to Raul D.

26 thoughts on “Statement from President George W. Bush On Cuba”

  1. Took him long enough. But I think the White House doesn’t want to be put on the spot like it was when the coup against Chavez was supported by State, and then failed. Hence all the caution.

  2. Cuando CUBA sea libre hay que recordar quienes estuvieron con nosotros en las malas y en las buenas.

  3. Oh, how I wish I could somehow send this to those near and dear to me in Cuba.

    Somebody at the Interests Section in Havana–put it up on a big-ass screen!

  4. didn’t mean to be a wet blanket. I know that it has no substance, but it would carry some weight if the people of Cuba could read it.

  5. Question;

    Would the Wite House make a statement if they new he was still alive..? I think they know more than we Do.

  6. I think they Know more, that is why the statement tuck so long, cause they wanted to be sure the Body is cold..!

    Way to go W…!

  7. I must be missing something, because it doesn’t seem like an underwhelming statement to me at all. To my untrained ear, it sounds like a warning to the powers that be in Cuba, as well as a message to the Cubans on the island that they will be supported if they take action toward their own freedom.

    But I also acknowledge I’m not Cuban, I haven’t been following the story for 50 years, (although I do have Cuban friends, and my wife and I get teary thinking about them being able to return to the island and their families).

    So maybe I’m missing something subtle, but I take this as a good sign, and something the US government has been planning for a long time. And this Texan can’t wait to visit a free Cuba with my friends.

  8. Here is the best I can do. I’m not to proud for corrections:

    La Casa Blanca
    Oficina del secretario de la prensa
    (McAllen, Texas)
    Para publicación inmediata
    Declaración del Presidente

    Los EEUU está activamente vigilando la situación en Cuba según la proclamación de transferencia de poder. En esta temporada de incertidumbre en Cuba, una cosa es clara: Los EEUU esta absolutamente dedicado para prestar apoyo al las aspiraciones del pueblo Cubano para obtener democracia y libertad. Hemos repetidos muchas veces que el pueblo Cubano merece vivir en libertad. Deseo animar a todas de las naciones democráticas que se reúnen en dando apoyo al derecho del pueblo Cubano a definir un futuro democrático para su país.
    Abogo al pueblo Cubano que obren para un cambio democrático en la isla. Te asistiremos en sus obras para edificar un gobierno de transición en Cuba dedicado a la democracia, y tomaremos notas de ellos, en el régimen corriente, quienes impedirán tus deseos para una Cuba libre. En el caso que ocurrirá una transición, estamos listos para proveer asistencia humanitaria como será necesaria para ayudar el pueble Cubano. Largamente ha sido el deseo de los EEUU contar a Cuba como un vecino y amigo libre, independiente, y democrático. En cumpliendo esto el pueblo Cubano puede contar en el apoyo sin condiciones de los EEUU.

  9. To me it looks like the White House is trying (not so discreetly )to ecourage Cubans to take to the streets. I was always saying it wouldn’t take more than 100,000 people in the streets of Havana to have those s.o.b’s packing and quickly moving to wherever they made reservations years ago. And I belive that if any shots were fired, some Apache helicopters might, just might show up near Malecon.

  10. Sure, it’s a statement in support of the Cuban people, but the target audience is not necessarily the people. Read this sentence:

    We will support you in your effort to build a transitional government in Cuba committed to democracy, and we will take note of those, in the current Cuban regime, who obstruct your desire for a free Cuba.

    Clearly telling the Nomenklatura how the cookie crumbles as far as POTUS is concerned.

  11. I think I just got a taste of how optimistic many Cubans felt just prior to the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Lets hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

  12. I say, if he’s really committed to the freedom of Cuba the invasion force would be forming up in Key West right now.

  13. Yoan, castro wasn’t mortally ill, or dead (assuming from rumors coming from within the island) this is the time, this is the chance to set everything in a well oiled working motion. We are nearing the begining of a new, it’s time to become the incarnations of our ancestors, it’s time to become LOS MAMBISES MODERNO. CUBA LIBRE!

  14. I agree that it seems to imply that the US will help if the people do something…anything.

  15. Felix, I hope there’s Mambises Modernos in the Cuban Armed Forces, and I hope they do the right thing when the time comes. Whether it’s pulling the plug on the old bastard, or standing down if they’re called upon to quell a popular uprising.

  16. Yoan,

    My reading of the POTUS statement says that if the Cuban Armed Forces don’t stand down and attempt to quell an uprising, there will be a few US Marines to “help” them stand down, at least I think that’s the message that Bush is unequivocally trying to get across.

    There’s just only so much he can say, but if I were a military leader who read that statement, I’d know exactly what he meant by ” and we will take note of those, in the current Cuban regime, who obstruct your desire for a free Cuba.” I certainly wouldn’t want to be “taken note of”.

    I hope I’m not wrong.

  17. Philp, that’d certainly be the best-case scenario. But I have to disagree. I think this was a message aimed at the civilian “leadership”, if you can call it that. I don’t think it will be a violent transition. I certainly hope it isn’t. So I don’t think we’ll be seeing Marines in Varadero anytime soon. Cuba isn’t Haiti, and there’d be so many geopolitical considerations that I’m not so sure the President would go for the military option, even if the transition is less than peaceful.

  18. OK, strike “civilian” – because Raul is, after all, the head of the Armed Forces. It was a message aimed at Cuba’s current “leadership,” not so much to would-be war criminals.

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