CNN Hires fidel’s Daughter

This one surprised me. Alina Fernandez Revuelta, the daughter of the beast himself, has been hired by CNN as a “network contributor”.

NEW YORK – With Cuban leader Fidel Castro ailing after 47 years in power, CNN said Thursday it had hired his estranged daughter, Alina Fernandez, as a network contributor.

Fernandez, who was 3 when Castro took power and had sporadic contact with him, left Cuba disguised as a Spanish tourist in 1993. She moved to Miami, where she is a radio host and the author of “Castro’s Daughter: An Exile’s Memoir of Cuba.”

Her father has temporarily handed over power to his brother Raul and remained out of the public eye after undergoing surgery for intestinal bleeding.

Fernandez will provide commentary and expertise about Cuba as the story about her father’s health, and a potential succession of power, continues.

“At this critical point in history as a Cuban, it’s important for me to draw the world’s attention to the situation inside Cuba, as we reflect on its future,” she said. “CNN is a global network, which can reach the largest population available.

I don’t think it’s a sell-out, at least not yet. Alina, through her book and her Miami radio show, has always been an outspoken and harsh critic of her father and the regime. Perhaps we can look at this as CNN jumping on the post-fidel bandwagon by hiring someone who actually has first-hand knowledge of what goes on in Cuba, but I think it has much more to do with the novelty of having a close relative of fidel on the staff.

Nevertheless, if CNN thinks they’re getting another Lucia Newman, they’ll be un-pleasantly surprised.

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  1. I think she said yes because of the unbelievably good $$$ offer she might have received and because it is true that CNN (with crap and all) gets to a lot of poeple.
    Looking forward to hear what she has to say.
    on the other hand… what ever happened to Fidelito Castro Jr.?? I have never heard from him again, since I left Cuba as a teen in ’92. Do you guys have any clue?

  2. 1. CNN may be dealing with the fact that he may indeed by dead or dying and that is the connection.
    2. fidelito – known for some wild parties in Trinidad prostitutes and all. He is said to rent out the most expensive of everything (rent haha get). Heard this from someone in Trinidad.

  3. Three years ago, I interviewed Alina for my daughters history project. Alina was honest, did not dress things up even for a 12 year old child. I believe that she really wants the Cuban people to be free of her despot “father.”

  4. CNN needs all the help they can get and she will be a valuable asset.

    Now as much as I hate shifting topics and beating a deadhorse I would like to bring New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez up again. The only reason I’m doing so is because I saw that you posted a letter by Florida Senator Mel Martinez to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and I thought it was fantastic.

    Meanwhile Sen. Martinez(elected)has vociferously supported the Cuban people here and abroad, Sen. Menendez(handpicked)has run away from this issue.

    While the Cuban communities of West New York and Union City have been just as loud with their celebrations and opinions as they’ve been in Florida, Menendez has NOT stood in unity with these people that he has claimed to represent as a Congressman for 14 years.

    I sincerely apologize for harping on this but I really feel that Menendez needs to be taken to task. Just as you composed a thread on Sen. Martinez, I really feel in my humble opinion a thread needs to be done about Bob Menendez’s silence on this issue. For all intents and purposes, he is just as silent as Raul Castro.

    I know that Menendez’s support among Cuban Americans is a machine vote but whatever can be done to expose him needs to be done. Maybe a piece comparing Martinez and Menendez.

    You guys do a great job with this blog and I know that if you do infact decide to take my humble advice that you will do a great job.

    God Bless!

  5. OT: Interesting program last night on NPR’s On Point. The guest commentators were very good. Except for the Cuban-American Yale professor, Lillian Guerra. What a f***ing piece of work.

  6. Thanks Pototo re Castro Jr.

    For some reason I was under the impression that he had been silenced by his own papi for not agreeing with the system. I was obviously way off.
    What I DO know for a fact is that Ramon Castro is the least hijoeputa of the three old men (if that is even possible).Give him a bottle of HabanaLibre and you’ll see what he really thinks of the other two and the revolution. Pero eso si, his house of Valle de Picadura had a kitchen with about 25 different flavors of ice cream from Coppelia.

  7. I think you’re right on, Robert. I don’t consider this a sellout, even if she’s getting big money, so be it, it’s America. And it’s definitely about the novelty factor. What’s next? Juanita on Fox News?

    Galloglass, that Shasta Whatshername gets on my nerves trying to pass off interviews as legitimate opinions in a country like Cuba. At least Lucia Newman gave us the caveat that we really didn’t know if these people were saying what they felt.

  8. I am here in L.A. and the local networks here cover the fidel story after the sports and before the weather, so I am asking you cubiches from Miami. Before this article, I have yet to see fidels daughter be interviewed or say anything about whats going on in Cuba. I check online on the WQBA site to here her show and its not on. Have you guys seen her on tv in Miami?

  9. I believe Senator Bob Menendez is leaving Congress to run for governor of New Jersey. I can only guess he’s reaching to a larger constituency and keeping a low profile on matters that could, in his opinion, hurt his campaign.

  10. Haha. Good one Poderoso.

    Firefly, not before he serves a term in the Senate. Seems to be the “thing” now-a-days if you want to be President. House of Reps, Senate, Governorship, President. That’s what Corzine’s going for. Ahmm, and Menendez can be Pres, because after all, he was born in NYC (to Cuban parents, of course).

  11. Thanks for the info. Yoan.

    By the way, I watched Alina Fernandez interview on CNN (3p) this afternoon. It went rather well, but in my opinion she missed the opportunity to expand on some issues.

    She was asked several personal questions about her mother’s relationship with fidel and about her own personal relationship with fidel and her siblings. She did mention that “someone” in Cuba had told her that fidel was up and walking today. (God I hope it’s not true).

    She was asked why she left Cuba. She answered that gasoline and food shortages made life difficult in Cuba. I guess I was expecting she would say that she had left because she didn’t agree with the politics, repression, incarcerations and overall lack of freedom. Oh well….

  12. Alina Fernandez was just interviewed by an airhead info-babe on CNN —touted as another **exclusive**.

    Alina did well. No major complaints. Asked if she loved her dad, she said not really, not as a daughter should. I got the impression THAT was an unexpected answer …. good for her.

    Can you believe that info-babe asked Alina if she would run for office if Cuba became democratic? What do they give these people for lunch?

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