Pa’ la calle!

No hay cama pa tanta gente!

The above phrases are from a very well known salsa song about a big party with lots of people coming and then basically getting thrown out. The literal translation is:

“To the street! There arent enough beds for so many!”

I just couldn’t help but sing that little ditty upon hearing the news that over 150 foreign journalists were told yesterday “Pa’ la calle! No hay cama pa’ tanta gente!” at Jose Marti Airport in Havana and prevented from entering the island prison.

I would have given anything to have seen the expression on the faces of all of these reporters, most of whom have showered fidel castro and la revolucion with praise and adulation for so many years. Their utter shock! Their utter dismay! How could the glorious revolution turn its back on such staunch supporters!

Dont expect too much coverage of this event from those members of the MSM who were turned away, though. They wont make too much out of it as, you know, maybe papa fidel or uncle raul will allow them back on the island if they keep their mouths shut and not report such negative behavior by the Cuban government.

No hay cama pa’ tanta gente!

4 thoughts on “<i>Pa’ la calle!</i>”

  1. That can only mean two things in my opinion:

    1. He is in very bad shape and they know that the presence of the media would only let the Cuban people know there is something wrong. It would also put more pressure on seeing pictures or fidel and for raul to comeout and say something.

    2. By turning away the media, they don’t have anyone that could possibly ruin their broadway show. No one who will spill the beans and tell the world that fidel is faking everything.

    Which scenario is more plausible?

  2. my favorite part of the article:

    The New York City-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) urged Cuba to let foreign journalists into the country.

    “We call on Cuban authorities to let journalists do their work without harassment or obstruction,” Americas program coordinator Carlos Lauria said in a statement. “It is critical that foreign journalists be allowed into Cuba to report the news on the handover of power by Castro, a story of global importance. We are also troubled by reports that Cuba is denying requests for journalists’ visas.”

    OH HORRORS! Castro is treating you like he’s treated his own people for the last 47 years! this calls for serious indignation…

    (plus if this comes as a surprise to any journalist, it means they haven’t been doing their jobs for a very very long time)

  3. Perhaps, the CPJ should ask the National Association of Hispanic Journalists to call Ricardo Alarcón to put in a good world for them. After all, the NAJH became such good pals with Alarcón during their annual convention in Fort Lauderdale back on June 14-17 when he was their guest speaker.

  4. Sorry,

    Substitute the word WORLD for WORD. Sometimes my fingers and my brain don’t work in tandem.

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