14 thoughts on “1,000,000”

  1. Without the readers we’re nothing. Thanks to all of you for the amazing support. And here’s a prediction: we may get another million visits when the beast finally dies.

  2. G*d I hope Alckmin beats Lula in the next election. What a POS.

    ”Parece que vamos a perder a nuestro amigo”, dijo Lula a un auxiliar, después de ser informado de la gravedad del estado de salud del presidente cubano, indica el periódico.

  3. Ditto what Val, George and Robert said. Thanks for Babalu Val, thanks to my fellow contributors for sharing this space with me, and especially a huge thanks to our readers. One million, wow.

  4. congrats to all of you. val, i’ll bet when you started, you would have never thought you would have a MILLION visits. WOW!!!

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