Ding, dong the witch is (almost) dead!

I’ve been told, on more than one occasion, that it is un-Christian to wish death on anyone. So be it. But I cannot refrain from the glee and joy I feel when read items like the one below. My grandfather died in this country almost thirty years ago, having lost everything to this motherfucker; my grandmother died without ever seeing her beloved Cuba again; my great-grandmother died of a cerebral hemorrhage while watching one of raul and che’s televised executions. Do I wish fidel ill? You betcha!

The article comes from Marc Masferrer at Uncommon Sense:

Brazilian paper: Fidel has cancer

For what it’s worth — and presuming he is still alive — EFE News reports:

Brazil newspaper says Fidel Castro has cancer

Rio de Janeiro, Aug 5 (EFE).- The Brazilian daily Folha de Sao Paulo said Saturday that the government of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is working with the hypothesis that Cuban President Fidel Castro “is sick” and that the cancer he is suffering could keep him from returning to office.

“Cuban authorities told the president and the Workers Party (PT) that the dictator has cancer and that even if he recovers he might not return to power,” the newspaper said without mentioning sources.

“They said that the dictator might be kept from returning to power even though he recovers from the illness, a malignant abdominal tumor, according to the version with which the Brazilian government is working,” said the article signed by journalist Kennedy Alencar, Folha de Sao Paulo’s correspondent in Brasilia.

“‘It looks like we are going to lose our friend,’ Lula told an assistant after being informed of the dictator’s critical state of health,” the article said.

The story said that “word from Havana received confidentially indicates that Castro is very ill.”

This report would jibe with some informed speculation earlier by an American surgeon at Inside Surgery.

(I have also been told by a local astrologer of some worth to document that according to fidel’s chart, death will come between the 7th and 27th of this month. I post this for the record in the event that history proves her right.)

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  1. Lets just say that as we speak I am lighting a candle to la Virgen de la Caridad. Praying that the Brazilian newspaper article is true y que el h.p. is really dying. Does that make me a bad catholic? Oh well. Now Reuters is saying that the Brizilian government is denying the report that a cuban government official told Lula that fidel is dying.

  2. A co-worker of mine is dating someone who works for the news…(can’t remember which one but here in Miami) and she announced about 3 hours ago that castro had a tumor and terminal cancer…then she said the news place rescinded that story.

    Very interesting that others ARE reporting it but the MSM of the US is not?

  3. The comments at the InsideSurgery blog are too funny.

    I’m with Zef: let’s all hope the beast goes to forensics soon. I think the furnace below is ready to rumble …. they’ve had enough time this week to REALLY rev it up & there’s no need for delay.

  4. Yes, George, I’ve been watching the same thing; they’re beginning to moan & foam at the mouth, prepping for their idolatrous retro-bio pieces they’ve already prepared. They are a disgusting lot.

    Muerto el perro, va a seguir la rabia: Now they’re chasing Chavez and Nasrallah and Ahmadineloony. Vermin.

  5. Justice is, at a minimum, the hangman’s noose. I am willing, in the spirit of brotherly love, to give him the same due process rights he gave all of those he and raul and che sent to the paredón.

  6. I just got done reading in “Lanuevacuba” website that Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo is wishing fidel a speedy recovery. Lets watch as the SOB gets closer to being buried, how the lowlifes, oppurtunists, and former collaborators emerge like maggots from a rotting corpse.

  7. man i go away for a few hours and i miss posting the latest cheese in brasil.. just a note, folha de sao paulo is like the new york times, left leaning.. estado de sao paulo is a bit more like the wsj..

  8. Daniel: The Estado is the only paper worth reading…that and Veja…segundo o Estado de SP, Lula quer ter uma Constituente como Evo e Hugo? What’s going on down there?

  9. The only people who might worry publicly about your Christian virtue are people who want you to be quiet. And besides, if it is Christian to love your neighbor, and you consider Cubans as neighbors, how is it Christian to wish fidel to go on living?

    As to whether he’s dead, my wife, who grew up in the Soviet Union, tells me that when Brezhnev and such would die, state television would show the ballet all day and all night. Maybe that’s the best test.

  10. I would give a huge ammount of credit to this report. Not only is the Estado a very reputable news source down here, Lula and his administration have been buddies with Fidel and co for decades.

    I have been following your blog since Castro’s health crisis started, and I hope to soon post a comment congratulating you on the demise of one of the most brutal dictators the world has ever known.

  11. I lived in Brazil from 1996 to 2001. Both Folha de Sao Paulo and O Estado de Sao Paulo are credible when it comes to content. The Estado spins it more to the right, the Folha more to the left, but both are good and serious. The more pesimist thing here would be that the commies in Cuba are feeding crap to their Brazilian friends, which, of course shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    But I tend to think that the caballo ya era or at least soon will be was.

    As for wishing him death. A good friend of mine told me this. In the sixties, her mom and a girlfriend of her used to go to the church. Then the girlfriend stopped going. My friend’s mom asked: Chiquitica, why aren’t you going to church anymore? -Because I wish him death. Four or five months later my friend’s mom sees Chiquitica back at the church. What happened Chiquitica, you stopped wishing him death? No, I stopped feeling guilty about it.

  12. Every religion claims you’re not supposed to wish anyone harm, and you’re supposed to love they neighbor and crap like that, but they also believe in hell for people that are really, really bad, so how can it be bad to wish death upon someone who you feel is really, really bad and will most probably spend eternity in hell?

    Hopefully, this astrologer is right. Maybe he’ll die on my birthday like Elvis, and I’ll get to say that I share my birthday with the death of the King of Rock and the Tyrannt of the Carribean.

  13. Great news! I’m ecstatic. Just one thing, I do hope that he is SUFFERING despite whatever morphine and sedatives they are giving him. I hope that he is conscious and he realizes how incapacitated in bed he is with a tub in his abdomine, while he ponders that history will not absolve him, and that his immense power has slipped out of his hands. I hope that the paranoia that has always consumed him is multiplied tenfold and that he is afraid every waking moment of a revolution and crowds sweeping into his sick room and tearing him from his life support system and taking justice into their hands.

    Yes, I am Christian and I am religious and I pray every night, but I want Castro to suffer unspeakable anquish. He deserves no Christian pity. To me, he is a demon. You would show a demon no pity, why show Castro any?

  14. I appreciate all the “trust” this Brazilian newspaper has built up over the years, but even if they can truthfully say someone…a friendly source, let’s say…told them this news about castro, there has to be some verification of that information. I am frankly suspicious of a left-leaning paper giving us news that came from a communist government that wants the world to think that castro is not yet dead. This is not news to be believed on its face, but it is news that reinforces my belief that castro is indeed already dead, and those left in charge want more time to sort things out. They are afraid that too much heat is building up in their kitchen. The pressure cooker is on high heat (and it’s not rice that’s cookin’). It will explode unless some pressure is released in this way. A left-leaning paper is only glad to help.

  15. Patricio:

    Folha tilts just so slightly to the left. It is to the left of the Estado, but it is not Lulista, and it certainly is not Castrista. They have a good reputation because they tend to get the facts well. And they beat hard on everyone, from Fernando Henrique Cardoso to Lula and cia.

    I am 99% sure that if they published this, they think that Lula said what they published he said.

    I am trying just to say that if this is proven wrong, the Folha was fooled, they were not conspirators.

  16. My grandmother died of the same kind of cancer that the hijo de puta might have. She was blessed to pass away from complications before the pain and suffering the doctors warned us about happened.

    I hope the scumbag gets that in spades. I hope he is (was) in agony at the end and couldn’t get enough of the morphine he’s denied other people.

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