Holy counter-revolution Batman!

From reader Pototo comes this:


You gotta post this article. It (the MSM) finally accept the fact the the Cuban military presence isn’t for the attack from without, but for the attack from within.


¡Viva la contra-revolución!

Seems like USA Today press has had a teensy-weensy epiphany.

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  1. I returned yesterday from visiting family on the island. Let me start by saying I was scared shitless on Monday night, and almost took a cab to Havana to get the hell out. However, the mood over there is rather strange… no one really knows what to think, there’s so much uncertainity, and lots, including myself, are really skeptical of his illness. I didn’t have access to CNN or any other media, over there, but judging from what I’ve read and watched today, I think it’s too early to call victory. The barbudo is on his way out, but not just yet. I think he’s just testing the waters for a post-Fidel era. Either way, it’s great to be back here.

  2. Camaguey, from everything I’m reading and have seen this past week, I believe the situation is either one of two things:

    1. Castro is not as sick as everyone is speculating and is just ‘stirring things up’ as a dry-run for the real thing whenever that happens.

    2. Castro is worse than what they are saying, and Raul is deathly scared of a popular ‘coup’ by someone or part of the armed forces, hence his MIA status, the reservist call ups, and the brigada-mania sweeping the country.

    NOW. The USA is probably getting intelligence about this, and is wringing their hands about what to do or not to do. Hence their ‘cheerleading’ for “democratic change” but not doing anything overt (or covert) about it.

    Here is what the USA without hesitation SHOULD be doing.

    1) Establish and coordinate through a ‘third country’ the following three action points…

    2) Work with recent Cuban exiles that were ranking members of Cuban armed forces, to develop contacts within the Cuban armed forces in the island, for the purpose of an ‘armed resistance’ to the regime at this critical moment of insecurity, questioning and doubting of loyalty among the ruling elites.

    3) Commit to infiltrating Cuban exiles with the intention of coordinating, starting, and engaging ‘armed resistance’ to the dictatorial regime, by winning over segments of the armed forces.

    4) Provide covert armed support (not troops) to Cuban “freedom fighters”. This time MAKE UP FOR THE BACKSTABBING DONE BY JFK DURING THE BAY OF PIGS INVASION.

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