Six years of bliss

Six years ago today, under a hot Miami sun and in front of all our family and firiends, I said the two words that have made me the luckiest, happiest and most fulfilled man on this Earth: I do.

Six years ago today I pulled a fast one and married the best woman in the world. How I managed to find her and keep her and make her fall in love with me I’ll never know. But I did and she did and we did. And still do.

So today, Im going to spend the day with the girl of my dreams, the girl that puts up with my crappy moods, the girl that puts up with my mistress – this blog, the girl that keeps me going, the girl that loves me with all my stupid faults.

Wow, six years. I am one lucky so and so.

Happy anniversary, Reina mia. I love you.

24 thoughts on “Six years of bliss”

  1. aawww!!! Felicidades a los dos!

    I guess “happily married” is not an oximoron after all- ja! ja!

    Lo mejor del mundo para ustedes y que cumplan muchos mas!!!

  2. ¡Felicidades! Espro que tegan un dia hermosa y que pasar lenna de rier y felicidad.

    Well I hope that is all correct, my castellano is still in its infatile stages.

    I will have to debate you that my wife is the best woman, but… well all us fortunate men would say that. I am overjoyed for the your marriage.

    Have a great day.

  3. Happy Anniversary to both of you. You are right about your wife Val. I met her this year at “Cuba Nostalgia”. She is a very nice and sweet person.

  4. Where is home for you? A stranger asked a fellow traveler. “Wherever she is” the man answered pointing to his wife.

    Congratulations Maggie and Val, Happy Anniversary.

  5. Happy Anniversary to both of u.
    Love ya

    January is my 18 years anniversay.. QUE AGUANTE…

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