Do I look fat?

This past Sunday, a crew from AP NT, the video news arm of Associated Press, came by the Babalu home and filmed an interview with yours truly. The whole Q&A and filming session last about 45 minutes, and many topics were touched upon, but the video piece was edited to run a short item.

You can see my fat self, live and in person, at Babalu headquarters here. Scroll down for the video titled “Exiles Connect with Cuba via Blogs.”

I do wish some of the more poignant points we discussed would have been included in this report, but that’s the risk you take when interviewing with the MSM.

Please, try not to make fun of my beer belly. Oh, and, I felt the need to have the Pitbull by my side, in case I needed to show some teeth.

19 thoughts on “Do I look fat?”

  1. Congratulations!
    You got a call from the State Dept? You are definately doing something right. I really hope all this exposure has gotten some people to read and educate themselves on the truth.
    Thank You for all the time you spend doing a fantastic job, Val! Thanks also to Pittbull, Ziva, Henry, Amanda, & everyone else at Babalu!

  2. Great publicity! You seem to always say the things that connects us (Cubans). You mentioned about how your mother had to sneak her wedding ring out of the country. We weren’t so lucky, right there in Varadero Airport my mother’s wedding ring was confiscated, along with a cheap watch (my first watch) that I had on my wrist.

    I am actually getting upset as I write this.

    Thanks Val, your dedication is a source of inspiration.

  3. Once again,

    you have provide a very positive, intelligent and human face to the cuban exile community.

    thank you.

  4. Great interview Val, we are very proud of everthing that your are doing.

    By the way, is AP going to give you a copy of the 45 minutes interview?

  5. Good job, Val, congrats. I remember my dad telling me the story that he had to hide his gold necklace with a cross in the heel of his shoe so it wouldn’t get “confiscated” err… stolen from the guards in the airport.

  6. salutations!
    Please help this Cuban in Philly.
    I have a Mac.
    I don’t know why, But I can’t see the video.
    What do I need?
    I’m going out of my mind.
    Thanks Babalu. this is my first source of Cuban news

  7. They should have made your interview longer. I did like the dead castro dance at the end…I think it’s hilarious that they added it to the segment.

  8. Unable to see the video on my new iMac…..I have Windows Viewer, but not the other applications. Any chance you could post this at YouTube for those of us addicted to Apple computers? Then maruka, Liberal V, foridacracker and I can watch it. Thank you, again, for the marvelous job you are doing.

  9. you guys look good!
    Im actually very happy I got to see you both. I didn’t know what you guys looked like til this video. I thought Val was older and uglier, but to my surprise you are sort of sexy.:)))
    And I love your computer!… is there were you get inspired to write so well??

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