Para la Señora Rosario Gonzalez

When you see an email pop up with the title: “My Grandmother didn’t live to see a free Cuba” it does something to you. Right then and there your day stops. You sit there in this weird sort of limbo. You dont know whether do open it or not. Cant decide actually. It will undoubtedly be something heartbreaking. So you sit there and stare at it for a few seconds, knowing full well that you have to open that email.

I opened one just now, and it read as follows:


Thanks for your blog and the info there. As an American born Cuban I feel a need to stay educated on what happens in my ancestors’ homeland. My grandmother, Rosario Gonzalez died last week of alzhiemers, and I’m saddened she didn’t live to see Cuba free from oppression. She and my Abuelo fled from Cuba when [Batista] was in power and went to New York, where my father was born. My Grandfather worked very hard as a waiter and doorman at a hotel in Cuba to make a future for me, who he never met. The reality of what happened to my Grandparents hit me today when I realized that they were forced to leave the place where they were born, and the Country I’m sure they truly loved, to find a better future for there family. My Grandma Rose would sing Cuban songs in Spanish, which I couldn’t understand, and drew pictures of Cuban villages with sea birds flying, and fishing huts over the ocean. It was a land she truly loved. I’m saddened that I cannot live that life and experience it under its current oppression. I felt the need to get that out, thank you for your hard work, and your website.

Sincerely, (name withheld)

Para La Señora Rosario Gonzalez, E.P.D:


5 thoughts on “Para la Señora Rosario Gonzalez”

  1. Yes, beautiful. But the dear Abuela Rosario is in Cuba-Heaven right now, looking down on everyone and knowing how everything is going to turn out. There is no such thing as injustice in God’s hands. She will see a free Cuba from above, her heart singing for joy.

  2. May her abuela be with all of our abuelas who will have to watch it from above. We were able to bring my abuela here one time. Her first time at a Meijer’s store she couldn’t stop touching the produce and crying. “Mira esto, y me gente muriendose de hambre”. From there she went into one of her “Hay Padre Celestial…” things. She was a beautiful and spiritual woman.She swore that hamburgers and ham were made out of worms in Cuba. We lost her 10 years ago at 86. My mom was inconsolable that she couldn’t be at her side. Soon, abuelita, soon. I hope she is watching.

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