Rough morning – a Babalu PSA

Sorry about the delay in posting this morning. I think my home PC has just about had it and is about to kick the bucket. Couldnt get the damned thing to do anything today. Just opening my web browser took almost ten minutes.

Looks like Ill be PC shopping very soon, an added expense we weren’t counting on in the Prieto household, what with still having a blue tarp as a roof and doors and windows needing to be replaced.

Maybe Ill have Babalu cyber car wash to gather some funds for the new computer. Ive still got plenty of Babalu and Che? Still dead ! tshirts left at 10 bucks a pop, sizes Large and XLarge, if you want to help out with the pc fund.

We now return you to your regular fidel bashing schedule….

7 thoughts on “Rough morning – a Babalu PSA”

  1. Still using the old PCs, Val? May I recommend a Mac? I’ve been using Macs for well over 10 years now and I have never experienced the hell and frustrations I had with the PC. Actually, Windows all together. I promised in college that I would never use another PC ever again and that still stands today.

    Get a Mac Val. You won’t regret it.

  2. ok Val… you can count on me… towards the end of the month… as you know I’m just coming back to work after taking a break for baby Eric – so…esperate un momentico que ya vendran tiempos mejores…

    and yes…we should all help you a little every chance we get…it’s not so heavy when everyone shares in the lifting- 🙂

  3. From your description it sounds like your PC may be suffering from a bad case of malware/spyware. Usually slowness like that is the result of some hidden processes eating up performance. You may not need to get a new PC. You can save a few bucks by just reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows. Be sure to backup first!

    But if you’ve made up your mind to get a new computer, I’ll echo everyone else’s recommendation to switch to a Mac. Whatever you decide to do, I’ll gladly donate my time to get your computer running – whatever it takes to make sure that Babalu blog keeps running at full steam!

  4. Get a Mac. You’ll never look back. Or maybe you will. But if you look back at a PC, you’ll look at it with the same disgust as when you look back at Cuba with Castro at the helm, while the Mac will represent the freedom you hope for for a new Cuba.

  5. Val. I have long intended to comment on your site. I love it!!! I think a cyber car wash is a great idea. Let me know how to buy two t-shirts one of each to help you.

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