8 thoughts on “August 9, 1945”

  1. Besides being a photograph of the Nagasaki blast, it’s also an allegory for the amount of heat they are preparing for fidel’s ‘welcome home’ bash in hell…

  2. George, they had a great documentary the other day on the History Channel about the lost cities that were created in the SW as part of the Manhatten project. When the tested the bomb, everyone was told it was an ammo dump that blew up. I find it hard to believe that people would have bought that one, but they did.

  3. Nagasaki was a secondary target. The initial primary target Kokura Arsenal was obscured by cloud, and the plane went on to the secondary target. Nagasaki was a major Naval base.

  4. I don’t think I can find a more appropriate thread to post the following article on than this one.

    I want to refer you all to an article by esteemed Middle East expert Bernard Lewis here:


    Please do read it, it is ESSENTIAL reading. I do agree with him for the most part. He is not fear mongering or trying to cause panic. He is trying to impart sobriety, however on this serious topic. One quibble I have with Mr. Lewis is that this will be our problem past 8.22.2006, and by placing so much emphasis on that one date, he makes it sound like once we get past that date, we are in the clear, and we’ve just miscalcuated the Iranians. Nothing could be further than the truth. I believe that the moment Iran gets nuclear weaponry online, they will employ it- they will not threaten, they will not warn. They will just use them, unapologetically and without reservation to destroy Israel, and hit other targets that are within their current range. We have to be steeling ourselves for a broader regional conflict in which nuclear strikes will be inflicted- if not this month, in the near future.

  5. Kinda make us wonder what was mini me doing in Iran these past week. Also, let’s not forget that the maximum leader fidelito was seen in that same neighborhood back in May 2001.

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