Lileks on castro

From James Lileks, via Newhouse News:

“What’s that? Right, right, your funeral. You want to know. Oh, next week, next month, hard to say. There’s the usual jostling for power right now. Odd, really: In this democratic, egalitarian nation, the only man you saw fit to follow happened to be your brother. What are the chances of that, eh? Most people in America don’t know a thing about him. `Another Castro?’ the Americans think. `They had a spare?’

Read the whole awesome thing.

5 thoughts on “Lileks on castro”

  1. Too bad he forgot to write the epilogue about how millions of people will travel from all over the world just to spit on his grave.

  2. I will travel to piss and crap on his grave, spitting on it is too bland for what the bastard deserves.

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