Por La Radio (Updated)

A couple of weeks ago, before the whole dead fidel thing interrupted time, I did a phone interview for a show on Radio Open Source. When I was contacted, I was told it was going to be a celebration of the birthdays of Queen Elizabeth, Hugh Heffner and fidel castro.

Waitaminutewaitaminutewaitaminute, I said. You want me to celebrate fidel castro’s birthday?… I dont think so.

I was then told it was more of a show on how the three tocayos (same birthday celebrants) had managed to stay in power for so long.

Stay in power? Let’s see. One was in “power’ the minute she was born as she’s a monarch; the other stays “in power” mostly over pubescent boys; and one has an island of 11 millions slaves. Stay in power?

Anyway, I think the interview went relatively ok. I know I addressed the issues. I was looking forward to hearing it but I just checked the website and it appears there might be an editor from Counterpunch on and to be honest, just the name of the rag turns my stomach.

They named the show “The Birthday Party.”

You can listen to it live at 7pm EDT by clicking “Stream Live at 7” in the link above.

Update: No one moved for nine hours!!!!! What an idiot. I had a feeling this was going to be ugly.

Update: Oh dear lord, is Cockburn an asshole or what?

Update: I just came on. Totally and completely edited, and, of course, without a chance to retort to any comment as the interview was taped TWO WEEKS AGO.

6 thoughts on “Por La Radio (Updated)”

  1. You’re gonna need an agent soon.

    BTW, on a historical point, Lizzy was not born a monarch and was not in line to the throne until her uncle abdicated the throne to marry a divorced american (egad!), Then her daddy became King and when he died…she became the queen…

    of course the bearded one has a throne too…


  2. On another historical note, those three were all born the same year, 1926, but they were born on vastly different days. Hef arrived first on April 9, Lillibet less than two weeks later on April 21, and finally barbudo 4 months later.

    As far as I’m concerned, the only the thing they share is that they’re rich and turned 80. IF fidelito makes it that long!

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