Where’s castro? A Contest

Brain Shavings is having a contest:

Fidel Castro’s been under the radar lately. Nobody’s seen or heard from him since he went in for surgery. Now the official word down in Havana is that everything’s just fine with El Commandante, but rumors keep circulating that the sneaky old bugger’s not at home.

Where is he? That’s where you come in, my dear pseudo-paparazzo.

Apply your creativity to come up with Fake-But-Accurate™ photographic proof of Fidel’s current location, and you could win fabulous prizes! Vacations! Cruises! Cuban cigars! Universal health care! Rusting 1950s-vintage sedans with huge tailfins

Well, those arent really the prizes, but the top three entrants get some amjor bucks via Amazon.com gift certificates.

Contest rules:

You’ll be judged on a combination of creativity, photo shopping skill, and humor. As for how each element is weighted … who knows? It’s completely up to the judges! (I never said this’d be a professionally-run contest!) Their decisions are final.

The judges are: The Puddle Pirate (me), Val Prieto, Kevin Aylward, and Michelle Malkin.

To submit your entry, either post it on your blog and leave a trackback here on this post, or e-mail your entry to photoshop@brainshavings.com. The contest starts now and ends on Saturday, August 12th at 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Yes, I will be one of the judges and I fully hope to see many images sent in by Babalu readers. So fire up the the old Photoshop, put the old brain on full speed and get to work.

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