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  1. Good job!
    Caught only the last 15 minutes or so. Its amazing that this guy thought that castro was no longer a threat in Latin America.

  2. Henry, I just got home in time to catch about the last ten minutes or so. From what I heard, you did great! If you had someone taping it, I’d love to hear the rest of the show. Ziva

  3. missed it, can you guys post something so we can hear it. Aruca is such a dick! i hope you kicked his ass….

  4. Henry,
    You did a great job explaining all of the points that needed to be touched upon. Especially important was when you reminded the audience that Posada Carilles was twice aquitted in a Venezuelan court, even though in typical fashion, Aruca, condemned him as a terrorist as he basically did all Cuban Americans.

    I’m sorry to report that I tried to get a call in, but I was put on hold and never got to talk. I wanted to state that even though Aruca claims that he is not an agent provacteur he sure acts like one. I mean, why would anyone open up a radio station in a community in order to attack it? Does that make sense? Most entrepreneurs [and make no mistake about it, radio stations are businesses] cultivate their host communities, they don’t attack them, less they lost their clientale base. No one is going to open up a radio station in East L.A. to attack Mexican Americans or a radio station in Miami Beach to attack retired Jews, or a radio station in Liberty City to attack blacks, yet, Aruca opens up a radio station in the heart of the Cuban community to attack Cuban Americans and we are supposed to suspend belief and accept that he is not an agent provacateur. And then on top of that he repeats all of the tyranny’s SOUNDBITES and says nothing whatsoever negative about the tyranny. Did you get the part in the show last night when he said that the Cuban government is just like the American government? That there is no repression inside Cuba now and that they are just keeping the peace?? Outrageous!

    My favorite part was when he said that he just walked out of prison in Cuba and the guards went to his house and just laughed, did nothing to his family and just left him there! Yea, riiight!! You’ve got to admit that he has a sense of humor! LOL.

    Anyway, that’s what I wanted to say last night on the show, but unfortunately, my call was not taken.


  5. Aruca works for the Cuban dictatorship plain and simple – he is a front. He gets paid from Havana – he works for fidel. Everyone knows this. His company Marazul is a Cuban dictatorship entity.

  6. One positive kudo about the administration clamping down on visits to Cuba from exiles.
    Aruca owns Marazul, a company that targets travel to Cuba by exiles.

    I am sure that the recent rules have really hurt his wallet. Good! Scumbag.

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