Indeed, let’s all pray to God… for the opposite result

Venezuela’s moonbat — you know, Mother sheehan’s hero — wants us to pray to God for fidel’s speedy recovery since his friend fidel is in a “great battle for life.” Not as great as the battle he’ll be having in hell when he is sodomized by demons while being dipped into boiling cauldrons of oil and feces.

21 thoughts on “Indeed, let’s all pray to God… for the opposite result”

  1. things are not lookin too hot for Fidel these days– Am I reading too much into this, is this different or is this the same BS they’ve been saying all along?

  2. Okay here goes, I’m gonna try to keep my emotions in check here this time.
    1. Its a superman setup for a miraculous recovery
    2. Things are getting in order in Cuba and they are ready to release the death announcement

  3. Hey,
    how about Dr.Ferrar? And look at the effect TV Marti is now having that it is being blasted in 24/7. See I’m not that difficult to please.

  4. Awwww man. Pototo. You beat me to it. My first reaction to this was (while scratching my head with a confused look on my face)… God???? Pray to God??? For fidel???? I thought he didn’t believe in God? Didn’t he send God packing when he took over the island? Oh wait… that’s right.. the Pope’s visit… Christmas trees allowed again…blah… blah.. blah.

    Nah… God forgive me but praying for this guy to get well is a hard one even for this Christian to do. I’ll stick to “thy will be done” and hope that His will is for fidel’s time to be up.

  5. I have always said that I felt that this year fidel would be gone. I still think that. Whether he’s dead yet or not I believe he will be.
    This year Navidad in Cuba!

  6. btw last time a major world event happended Cuba took advantage and attacked the dissidents. You watch and see that Cuba is waiting for a “distraction” to announce fidel’s death if he indeed is dead.

  7. You know, it’s funny. Things in my grandmothers life always happens in 6’s. Her husband’s birthday was on the 6th day of the month, she was married in 56, left Cuba in 66, I was born in 76, I don’t think anything significant happened in 86 or 96, my uncle died this year, and I think this year will also be the year castro dies too and she just might get to see Cuba for the first time in 50 years. Or maybe it’ll be 60 years before she gets to see it?

  8. I just pray that the “illness” comes to a really quick end, and that many many people in my home town celebrate and are happy when the “illness” is over. I think God gets my subtext…….

  9. It’s not only Chavez praying for castro’s recovery. It’s also Rigoberta “I lied for my Nobel peace prize” Menchu. This is good news folks, the time is near.

  10. I can not believe Cindy Sheehan is doing that! I can not believe Cindy Sheehan wants to bring down The United States with Chavez (remember, do not buy Citco gas). I can not belive a woman, A MOTHER WOULD DISHONOR HER SON IN SUCH A BLATANT HORRIC WAY!

    Lucky Lady, I do hope your grandmother get’s her wish and I hope it is soon.

  11. All I can say is, no matter how you look at it…it couldn’t have happened to a NICER guy…

    He just pooped out after all those speeches.

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