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Had a server crash at the office this week and am still working through some of the issues. So, until I get everything squared away here, consider this your Friday Open Thread. Feel free to post any links or suggestions in the comments section.

If the news of fidel’s demise breaks, call me. Im standing by the phone:


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  1. I like how Hugo Chavez went off script yesterday and said Fidel was fighting desperately for his life and then flipped back to the official line of how he’s recuperating.

  2. What a jerk!-Eliades Ochoa- From EFE News
    “Fidel, como ser humano que es, tendrá que morir algún día y ya se sabe que cuando él falte su hermano Raúl Castro asumirá el poder y la gente está de acuerdo”, comentó el músico en una entrevista con EFE.
    De gira por Europa desde el pasado mes de abril, Eliades Ochoa no lamenta estar fuera de la isla caribeña en estos momentos. “Quienes tienen que estar allí son los médicos, cuidando de la salud del comandante”, apuntó.
    “Yo, como todo el mundo, me entero de lo que ocurre por las noticias. No se sabe mucho porque ya Fidel Castro dijo que su salud pasaba a ser secreto de estado”, dijo, para añadir que cuando llama por teléfono a su familia en Cuba “me dicen que allí todo está normal”.
    De todas formas, Eliades Ochoa asegura que no le gusta “hablar de política, ni de la de Cuba, ni de la de EEUU ni de la de España, ni de la ningún lado”, porque lo que a él le gusta es “hacer música”.
    Yaeh right. Life is easy as one of fidel’s poster children. Eat and live like other Cubans cannot. These are the kind of people that should not be allowed back in Cuba when castro is officially gone. Hiding behind music and never dealing with reality.

  3. From Jay Nordlinger at National Review:

    And you’ve heard me complain about weariness regarding Cuba! I have been especially weary, and irked, lately, because Cuba is in the news, and ignorant people keep blabbing about it. Friends and acquaintances — especially Cuba experts — keep sending me e-mails saying, “Can you believe this? Would you look at this?”

    I can only reply, I know, I know — it’s been going on since 1959 and presumably will never stop.

    Anyway, want to say a couple of things, Cuba-wise. Anita Snow, the AP’s beauty of a Cuba correspondent, wrote this the other day: “Castro, 79, is famous for wanting to have a say in virtually every area of the island’s governance.” What a sweet way to describe absolute dictatorship! And I love that “virtually”: In what area does Castro back off? When does he decide to be a good ol’ federalist?

    And don’t you love that word “governance”!!! Apply it to Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot . . . Look, the word is giggle-inducing even when applied to the first Mayor Daley.

    [. . .]

    Oh, and the other Cuba item. Reader wrote me to say that he’d heard Daniel Schorr on the radio — NPR, of course — and he had said that Castro was hated by Cuban exiles and “conservatives” in America. Which leads me to make a very old point of mine: If conservatives talked that way, they’d be accused of being the worst McCarthyites.

    You mean, American liberals don’t hate tyranny, repression, persecution — the denial of rights, the crushing of dissent, dictatorship?

  4. rrrrring, rrring…
    Hey Bab,
    did you noted that Chavez is quite silent? Someone said that Raullo don’t want him on the island, both for having induced fifo to go to Granada, but more because he don’t want Hugo became president of venecuba.
    So Er presidente stay at large… hummm, very suspicious…
    Do fifo promised something to hugo that raullo don’t want to accomplish? do they talk each other?

    The question is: if they are foes, to who the cubans on venezuela will be loyals?
    Not a secondary question…
    Buy a mac, grow-up…

  5. Chavez has recently concluded his 5th trip to Iran during his presidency. Perhaps he was there to discuss his forthcoming conversion to Islam. More likely, Chavez & Ahmadinejad have been conspiring on a plan which would seriously undermine U.S. Security and its interests around the world. In fact, I believe we are in the last months and days before what is more and more looking like a much broader conflict comprised of both hot wars and other means of warfare waged by rogue states and terrorist organizations against the United States and Israel. Discuss amongst yourselves.

  6. Is anyone else wondering about those rumored bunkers in Cuba? And the twarted terrorist attack from Britain? I also sense that things are about to get very real and very bad and the first asshole with a “war is not the answer” bumper sticker that I see…

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