9 thoughts on “Dead man walking?”

  1. R S, even if you see a picture how would you know it’s him? First of all, look who is the source of the article – Granma. Second, he has many body doubles.

    I think what they have been saying for the last week and a half is all a set-up for what we are going to see tomorrow. We might see el fifo walking in his hospital room and talking to the Cuban people. With all of what the Cuban people have heard (he is recovering well, he is talking, he is walking, etc.) it will be no suprise to see el fifo in action tomorrow.

    But el fifo that they will see will be a body double and the real fifo will be in his hospital room stil in very bad shape. I also think that by the Cuban government deciding to have a b-day celebration for him, means that el fifo is unconscious because he specifically stated that he wanted his b-day to be celebrated on Dec. 2. That tells me that he is not awake to notice that they will be celerating his b-day.

  2. Just saw the Lost City for the first time by DVD (It didn’t show near me). I lost it during the last parts and after I got up to look out the window it was raining and all I could think was that the sky was crying too.
    Whether castro is dead or dying we will have a free Cuba. Viva Cuba Libre!!!

  3. And on the 12th day of his recorded birthday, the tyrant shall rise and be viewed by the masses. The country and the world will know that he is a god, and every eye shall tear, and every idiot shall worhip this god. Is this the plan?

    Muerete ya hijo de puta.

  4. Ahhh this is rich:

    Granma knows something who is the friend of the suegra of the nephew of….

    How very Cuban…lol

  5. Now the news says Hugo is going to Havana tommorrow:

    Chavez to visit Castro in Havana


    Aug 12, 2:17 PM (ET)

    Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez attends a military parade with civil army reservist in Caracas…

    CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he would visit ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro in Havana on Saturday night for Castro’s 80th birthday.

    Castro handed over the reins of power in late July to his younger brother Raul following abdominal surgery.

    “I announce that tomorrow I will be with Fidel celebrating,” Chavez said during a press conference at the nation’s electoral authority to kick off his re-election bid.

    “I will be with him as of tonight in Havana. I’m taking him a good present, a good cake, and there we will celebrate the eighty years of that great figure of our America.”

    Chavez, the most visible face of a resurgent Latin American left, has developed a close alliance with Cuba.

    Venezuela, the world’s No. 5 oil exporter, has helped Cuba skirt an increasingly strict U.S. embargo by providing oil at preferential terms and boosting trade and cooperation efforts.

  6. Reuters.. Reuters?

    The same bunch that got caught with their pants down on the photoshoped Lebanon pictures?

    Their credibility’s in the toilet as far as I am concerned, specially when you consider their source.
    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the shit hits the fan while Chavez is there and he can’t get out…Wonder if he’s “in” the joke?

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