Some thoughts on raul

He looks stupid.

He has a perpetual smirk on his face and is well known for his vulgar lowbrow tastes. He’s probably never read a book in his life but loves dirty pictures and toilet-talk humor. He did poorly in school. He drinks to a stupor when he gets upset. His breath stinks and his dandruff shows. He cannot speak in public because the masses cannot respond to him and in any case he is unable articulate what he means. With few merits, he would never be in absolute power except that he’s little brother to The Bearded Tyrant. That in itself is bittersweet – he has no beard like the other barbudos to demonstrate his guerrilla mojo, and for the most pathetic of reasons – he is unable to grow one. Although he wields vast power and is greatly feared by many, his fortune is zero, because even in his running of a huge military empire, he must sign all of the money over to his older brother like a child.

And all of this he knows.

But he’s a dangerous man. Silent, like a shark under the surface, he has been a communist since he was a boy. His older brother flopped around, toying with the idea of Marxism, and then lied about his allegiance to it until it was too late for anyone to stop him. But not raul. He always loved communism – loved its identity, its power structures, the centralized command, the more knowing doctrinare minds commanding the ideology. It covered up his inability to articulate himself, but it articulated his rage. He prefered to be its executioner – and that is meant literally, because he shot people, feeling no remorse. Other than at times when he drank. He brought in like-minded familiars to magnify the effect of his so-called revolution – che guevara. Then he brought back the hated party structures, for, if he had no capacity to think, he was always able to prove his worth to the party in his ability to be the party’s enforcement – which they valued. And he hit targets perfectly.

He always hated the U.S. Hated it. And the lethal tail of this cobra of hate is his hatred of Miami Cubans. He orchestrated the assault on the Brothers To The Rescue, murdering four innocent young men, and publicly declared his loathing for Miami Cubans as his justification. His pathology goes way back. As a guerrilla, he kidnapped U.S. servicemen and mineworkers in Guantanamo in 1958, ignoring his brother’s orders to free them. He knew that they’d make good human shields, to ensure that the Batista regime never attacked his own guerrilla garrisons. He was right, the U.S. caved, and he got what he wanted, becoming a hero for his defiance. That gave him a distinct impression of the U.S., made him think it could be kicked around. Maybe he still thinks so, because he keeps showing signs that he does. In his early days, 1962, he called on the Soviet Union to place and aim missiles at U.S. shores. He wanted to fire them, but was only halted by the fearful old gray men of the Kremlin.

Today, he’s forged an alliance with the evil men of Iran, promising them intelligence from his spy networks in the Pentagon and his proven ability to intercept U.S. communications. He wants to help them destroy the West, especially the U.S.

There is speculation he’s changed and mellowed over the years, but it’s doubtful. raul is a man of few words and many actions, all continously moving on the same trajectory against us. He has had no reason to change.

Beware the bastard.

5 thoughts on “Some thoughts on raul”

  1. Only one correction: His fortune is NOT zero.
    He’s got at least 500 million stashed away in China and Switzerland.
    He may be richer than the Beast. Don’t fool yourself.

  2. Not stuff you would find on the web.
    But Raul has ample “savings” from his diamond dealings in Angola, drug trading, money laundered through the (now defunct) Bank of Credit and Commerce and kickoffs from the UBS “dollar cash exchange”. He has been very busy in China lately (the Moa nickel deal, oil drilling rights, rice cookers sold at inflated prices). There is credible info that Raul has at least 200 million dollars invested in China

    He may hand over most to Fidel (who until recently was very sharp when it came to financial details) but he keeps his own savings.

    And the corruption in Cuba is enormous. The nomenklatura still buys and sells the best cocaine that’s available outside Colombia. This is definitely something Raul does by himself. Fidel prefers to pocket the “official” tourist money and the money European tourist and other business organizations pay for Cuban employees.

    Fidel has always been “obstructive” to drug deals (more out of fear of ruining his image)… one reason why Raul had to organize the execution of Ochoa who knew too much about them.

    Much less is known about Rauls dealings with Japan, although they might be even more significant. A lot of this money would have to searched for in Panama and the Bahamas.

  3. Carlos Alberto Montaner has laid another egg in his article linked to this story, where he predicted: “Raúl prepares to assume command, but for that to happen he first has to read into the TV cameras his brother’s death notice.” His “shoot from the hip” style has previously led to other erroneous predictions. Montaner is a good novelist, but like his buddy Vargas Llosa, it does not make him a good political analyst.

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