Brokeback Bedside

You saw the pictures of chavez visiting castro’s sickbed. Now, that bastion of journalism CNN, the castro News Network, has video of the two chatting away, unedited and without any editorial comment from the American cable network.

I hope you havent had dinner.

Now, Im not an ailing dictator responsible for the destruction of a country and its culture, with blood on my hands from the deaths of countless thousands and with a world cable news network kissing my ass for “stories”, but I will be on The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge at 10 PM Eastern on Canadian Radio AM770 CHQR. Tune in.

Hat tip: pototo.

14 thoughts on “Brokeback Bedside”

  1. My wife and I turned off the Spanish-language program that was broadcasting the feed in disgust. To think these “men” are held in high regard by so many just boggles the imagination.

  2. “Es la mejor visita, la mejor de todas las visitas que he hecho en mi vida, ni siquiera cuando visitaba a mi primera novia, la verdad es que un gusto”

  3. Time will only tell whether Fidel survived this…. he could still be battling a cancer. More importantly to note, however, is his confinement to a bed–he’ll probably live out the rest of his days there… His luck has got to run out someday, right? Or is this guy really the luckiest SOB on the face of the earth!

  4. per USATODAY
    “As the men bantered back and forth, Castro’s voice was inaudible. He was later shown in animated conversation with Chavez, but music played over his words. ”

    He ain’t as healthy as they want to convey. Perhaps he may be physically alive yet not mentally sharp?

  5. “Chavez told Castro he sat down to pray when he learned of the Cuban leader’s illness and operation, and said “that was a horrible day.”

    Who in the heck does chavez believe he is praying to? I wonder if word of his prayer was solice to the athiest?

  6. * sigh *

    the more I look at at those pictures, the less it looks like the real thing; I’m sorry, it’s not hallucination, it’s just that it looks very phony and very surreal all around

    I think these blasted *$#*@&%! are capable of anything and would stop at nothing to get away with whatever it is they’re trying to do ….

  7. I’m sure others have thought about this, and I may be crazy, but if a body double does exist, could it be possible that the photos and video since August 13th all contain the body double? This would explain the liver spot concerns, sitting vs. lying on different days, cover-up of his voice via music (they can look alike, but not sound alike!), lack of IVs, shaving, etc. I guess castro could be dead and the body double is being put to use full-time while they work out the ‘details’ of the transition.

    Just a thought.

  8. You got to admit, those Fidel and Hugo dolls on the bedside table contribute to the atmosphere.

    France2 showed the part where the two are holding the stick, but they don’t have last night’s broadcast on line yet, and the reporter was talking.

  9. He’s not even holding his head up.

    I can’t know of course, but I bet he has colon cancer.

    But then, what Thom posted is interesting too…. hmmm…. I think he’s either dead or dying.

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