30 thoughts on “Got it up – Caption this!”

  1. I will stay away from the screamingly obvious captions that im sure many will embellish this picture with, but it’s clear to me that Chavez’s PR staff took the weekend off during this photoshoot. What an &#^@%!

  2. “Hey, Panita! I brought you a new Orinoco basin suppository for your stomach ailment. It’s made with real Venezuelan fossilized crude. Here … lemme help you with it!”

  3. Hugo here you go. It got stuck in my intestinal tract after I bit it off!! I already apologized last week for biting it off, but it’s actually your fault, as you didn’t tell me that you were coming. While you’re here my doctor may be able to reattach it for you but you better not do the same shit to Raul when I’m gone!!!

  4. Te recuerda de el bicho que usaron en esa pelicula gusano, The Lost City. Bueno no pude consiguir eso pero te traigo algo parecio.. La pinga de un Caballo momificao. Este regalo es pa’ que jamas olvidas las noches maravillosas que compartimos tu y yo…te amo mi amor(gay kiss)

    *El Bicho is the cane used by Capitan Candela in the Lost City; it’s a dried, extended rhinoceros penis.

  5. Hey, George: “Blues Brothers”! The scene when the Pinto is falling through the air after driving off the causeway. Nice … one of my favorite movies all time!!

  6. You guessed it! As they are chasing the Blues Brothers the one Skokie Nazi looks at his Fuhrer as they are sailing towards a certain death after going over an unfinished overpass and says, “I haved always loved you.” A classic scene and my favorite as well.

  7. Hugo, toma este obsequio de mi parte. Es una miniatura de supositorio, representativa de lo que el pueblo cubano ha tenido que aguantarse durante casi 48 años.

  8. Did anyone see the video of Fidel speaking with Chavez and Raul? WOW!!!! Me coji el culo con la puerta.

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