15 thoughts on “Harlem OK’s Slavery”

  1. Terrific post Val!

    Isn’t ‘theft of labor’ what those who flee Cuba are charged with?
    If you do not own your own labor you are a slave.

    I don’t know how people can witness people fleeing to a free land in the North and not viscerally feel the similarity.

  2. Why is this a surprise? They have a subculture that celebrates pimps and hos. And “gangstas”. Prostitution is a form of slavery. How can any sane person, let alone a black one in this country, get behind oppression like that? It boggles my mind.

  3. Val: Can you edit your entry at mm.com, so that we know this POS is an Episcopal priest, not a Catholic one? I know some here have a beef with the Church, I don’t want fuel added to the fire. Thanks.

  4. unless I miss my guess, 130th st. between lex and fifth is spanish harlem… meaning it’s probably not american blacks celebrating castro, but second- and third-generation puerto ricans, probably some dominicans, etc. you know the type, the latino social scientist crazy-ass left wingers. this makes perfect sense, as I’ve met lots of children of Latinos who get a kick out of romanticising fidel, et al. it’s stupid, but there you go.

  5. Val, great to see you moving into the upper atmosphere of the blogosphere. Don’t get blinded by the sunlight! 🙂

    Hey, was Charlie Rangel in attendance at SLAVEFEST ’06? Im sure he wasn’t far from the festivities. Remember, he’s promised to RETIRE if the Dems can’t take back the House or Senate. C’Mon people, send these apologists for slavery and apartheid home permanently this Novemeber!

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