Is there a doctor in the house?

This is a bleg* to you doctors out there. Can someone explain to Babalu readers and writers what the pre- and post-operative protocols are for the type of abdominal surgery the Beast had two weeks ago. For example, a pre-operative protocol could consist of blood tests, shaving the groin area, enemas, etc. I ask because yesterday’s ‘happy day’ pictures with fidel and hugo show a very telling detail that most people have not commented on: if fidel had this type of serious surgery, and if they needed to give him a respirator tube (which I think is standard practice), then why does he have a full beard? Wouldn’t they have to shave him to be able to tape the respirator around teh mouth while under anesthesia?

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  1. Not only is the beard not shaven, there is no signs of IV’s, monitoring equipment, or any other medical paraphenelia. If El Comandante is in such good shape that he does not need any of the usual, even routine medical equipment, then he should be in good enough shape to say a few words “LIVE” to the cameras or poke his head out the window. Also, the polo shirt that he is wearing on the photo must have been quite an ordeal for him to put on; raising the arms over his head and streching the surgically stiched opening in his abdomen. Dead or alive, Cuba is an insane asylum run by the inmates. Sane people all over the world should stop playing this game (and that includes me and you) and simply act as if The Beast is dead. Let the castristas prove otherwise.

  2. Yes I think you’re right. I said to someone this weekend, that the only reason they published the first photos was to thwart the dissident movement Darsi Ferrer was calling for. Now he’s turned up missing, go figure.

  3. I guess no one can say that the dissidents are doing nothing!
    It looks like he may have paid the ultimate price. We need to get the word out. Obviously the msm won’t touch this one.

  4. The raul/fidel cocaine connection is old news to us “intransigent” and “loud-mouthed” anti-castro Cubans here in Miami. It’s nice for the MSM to finally perk up — thirty years later…

  5. excellent article in Cubanet:
    Los mercaderes en el templo

    José Antono Fornaris, Cuba-Verdad

    LA HABANA, Cuba – Agosto ( – El Cardenal Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino llamó a los feligreses, desde la Catedral de La Habana, a “orar por la salud del presidente cubano”. Me imagino que se estaba refiriendo al ex gobernante que, como todos sabemos, después de haberse sometido “a un estrés extremo” tuvo que ponerse en manos de los cirujanos debido a un “sangramiento sostenido”, y desde el 31 de julio pasó todos sus cargos a Raúl Castro.

    Es bueno que el cardenal haya tomado esa iniciativa, porque ante Dios todos somos iguales. Debido a eso es que muchos son los llamados y pocos los escogidos. De ahí se deriva que la santidad es lo importante y la jerarquía, no importa cuál sea, es secundaria.

    A su vez, las enseñanzas del hijo de Dios son tan nobles y universales, que hasta en la Constitución socialista de Cuba de 1976 se establece que todos los ciudadanos en este país gozan de iguales derechos y tienen los mismos deberes. El Cardenal también es cubano, y al mismo tiempo, pastor, lo que implica, uniendo ambas cosas, que no debe hacer diferencias entre las ovejas de esta isla. Así que, seguramente, en cualquier momento lo escucharemos pidiendo que se ore por la salud de Guillermo Fariñas, un periodista de la raza negra que está realizando una prolongada huelga de hambre para reclamar que todos los cubanos tengamos el derecho de acceder a Internet.

    Lamentablemente, nunca se ha escuchado decir, mucho menos ante la prensa nacional y extranjera, que el cardenal Ortega haya solicitado orar por las almas de los miles de compatriotas que han muerto en guerras extraterritoriales.

    Tampoco se le ha escuchado solicitar oraciones a favor de los miles de cubanos cuyo sepulcro está en los mares que rodean nuestro país. Entre ellos hay muchos niños. Sólo en el hundimiento del remolcador 13 de Marzo murió más de una docena. El día de los Santos Inocentes sería una buena ocasión para que se ore por esos niños.

    Sería grato también que Jaime Ortega pidiera a los feligreses una oración por Gustavo Arcos Bergnes, un católico practicante, secretario general del Comité Cubano Pro Derechos Humanos, fallecido el pasado martes, y que participó junto a Fidel Castro en el asalto al cuartel Moncada en julio de 1953.

    También voy a orar por mí. No lo voy a hacer en la Catedral, porque la posibilidad de la comunión con Cristo la prefiero en lugares humildes, porque creo que estoy en pecado. Tengo la impresión que después de más de dos mil años los mercaderes están nuevamente en el templo.

  6. Have requested a “2nd opinion” from a good MD – I’m prejudiced; he’s a family member. Can’t say he’ll respond since he’s busy practicing real medicine, not the kakaSStro pretend-type. However, in my humble, non-scientific opinion, an explanation for the lack of a breathing or ventilating tube is that since kakaSStro only has 2 moving parts, his mouth and his asshole, and they’re interchangeable, perhaps aforesaid tube resides south of his belly-button, tucked into his pantaloons, between his cheeks. We call them “nalgas.”

  7. The Cuban government must really be freaked out about our discovery of Chavez’s square photoshopped middlefinger shaking fidel’s hand. The jammed therealcuba chat room with 66 users shutting it down.

  8. What I’ve been wondering since the first pictures of the tyrant came out a couple of days ago (the ones with the phone & newspaper) is how he can sit. If he really has abdominal “issues”, wouldn’t it be incredibly painful to pose for pictures in a sitting position?

  9. Not only was the beard strangely there, it was longer and darker than it was in his pictures from Argentina, where it was almost completely gray and thin. I dont rule out beard-dying, but how did they extend the length?

  10. Again, we have no idea when these were shot. Nothing dates these photos as recent. If anybody was going to try and perpetuate the myth of Fidel’s survival, it would be Raul and Hugo.

  11. I noticed on picture #3 in the Miami Herald, that the assasin has a wierd shadow that starts from his head and continues all the way to his legs. Also, there is a lamp on the table next to him, but it doesn’t show in picture #1. In picture #6, chavez has two shadows. Where is the assasins shadow? Lastly, in picture #1, chavez is grabing the assasins hand. If you notice carefully, why is chavez index and middle finger look sooo short. They shouldn’t wrap all the way around, but something just seems weird.

  12. George:

    I haven’t looked closely at any post-operative pictures from Cuba, because I have assumed they’re lies from step one.

    They’re from the propaganda office; they’re lies. SOP.

    That being said:

    It would not be usual to leave a beard in place for an elective surgical procedure (elective in this case means you have time to plan… as opposed to a catastrophic collapse sent straight from the ER to the OR).

    Abdominal surgery of some sort? People can sit up three days afterwards, in some cases, but they look a bit dazed; they should, they’re on substantial pain medications.

    IVs? Could be capped off with a saling plug, but there should be IVs. If there aren’t… can you see the arms? Are there IVs there? Scars or puncture marks from freshly removed IVs?

    Most people don’t look “happy days” three days after abdominal surgery. “Recovering” is the polite phrase we use.

    NOW… if the “surgery” was merely colonoscopy, much of this does not apply. Sedation is used, not general anesthesia. Pain levels are not so severe; the belly wall has not been sliced, after all.

    Hard to sort all this out, George, because — surprise, surprise — the Cuban propaganda engine is not making the details available.

    God willing, Castro’s dead, and the propaganda spin is mute testimony to the truth they’re hiding.

  13. Depends on the surgery.
    Did he bleed from an ulcer? They might have stopped it with a gastroscope.Put a tube into your throat, and laser the bleeding point. That’s how they do it in the USA, but who knows how “good” Cuban medicine is…
    Or, if they opened the abodomen, it would mean an upper abodominal up and down wound. It usually takes seven days to ten days to start eating…so two weeks later, he would be awake and eating.
    I was wondering about no IV sites, but they could have put it into his subclavian vein (shoulder). We do this when there is massive bleeding, because the veins in the arms collapse.

  14. It’s pretty obvious the videos were taken as fidel went into the hospital which explains your question. In fact his handlers might have even said, “Gee commandante we’re gonna have to shave that beard to do the operation so why don’t we get some pre-operative shots of you with Chavez to give the people the usual Fidel until your beard grows back.”

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