Monday PSA

Just a couple of public service messages to start the week.

First, I have asked Daniel Duquenal of Venezuela News and Views to be a contributor here at Babalu, specifically because of his insights and knowledge of the goings on in Venezuela. He’s good friend so please welcome him to the Babalu family. And just like any family, his views on domestic politics may not always be in agreement with ours, but the fight against communism has many fronts and Daniel has been on our Venezuelan flank for years. Welcome Daniel!

Second, I may not be as prolific on Babalu this week. Michelle Malkin has honored me by asking me to write and post on her blog while she takes a well earned vacation. So Ill be writing a few entries over at Michelle Malkin’s along with a few other excellent guest bloggers. I hope you all swing by.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled castro brothers bashing.

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