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  1. This is one of his most beautiful pieces. I’ve always thought it captures the Cuban soul perfectly. Did you know that Lecuona wrote musical scores for many Hollywood pictures in the 1930’s and 40’s?

    Cuba was never a third world country, at least not by current American standards. Probably due to the unique character of the people who have a continual desire to learn and progress.

    Thanks for the reminder. I needed that after all the disappointment this week.

  2. Beautiful … funny how it may not sound 3rd world but does sound like a Cuban conversation…how we always get heated in the middle and then calm down at the end! CUBA LIBRE…SOON!

  3. But, but to the MSM, the college proffesors, and the scum, Democrats, Cuba was a backwater ruled by a few criminal families prior to the revolution – it was worse than a thrid world nation to them – it was only after Fidel – a genius savant, a humanist, and an incredible conversationalist in all the fields known to man that Cuba as a nation began to excell in the education, music, medicine, sports, dance, arts…and although Cuba (to them) might be a poor and 3rd world nation now (due to evil Miami Cubans, Bush, and the embargo) it now has free educaton, medicine, and the Buena Vista Social club and music schools that are free for all – so they claim –

  4. I have always especially loved La Comparsa. Actually, I love every Lecuona piece I’ve ever heard; one of my friends used to play them – what a joy! Thank you!!!

  5. Wow great.. who plays this version George?
    I have Lecouna himself playing this, and Zenaida Manfugas’s vesion.

  6. If you like Lecuona, I have to recomend this 2 cd set. It is by far the best collection of his works and played by the man himself:

    Lecuona plays Lecuona, The Ultimate collection.

    Disc 1
    1 Malaguena
    2 Andalucia
    3 Ante el Escorial (Lecuona)
    4 San Francisco el grande (Lecuona)
    5 Siempre en mi corazón (Lecuona)
    6 María la O (Lecuona)
    7 Siboney (Lecuona)
    8 Noche azul (Lecuona)
    9 La comparsa
    10 Danza negra
    11 Danza lucumi
    12 A la antigua
    13 En tres por cuatro (Lecuona)
    14 Canto del guajiro (Lecuona)
    15 La habanera (Lecuona)
    16 Damisela encantoradora (Lecuona)
    17 Crisantemo (Lecuona)
    18 Romantico
    19 Rosa la China (Lecuona)
    20 Como arrullo de palmas (Lecuona)
    21 Palomitas blancas (Lecuona)
    22 Poético (Lecuona)
    23 Estudiantina (Lecuona)
    24 Cordoba
    25 Music Box (Lecuona)
    26 Mazurka en glisado (Lecuona)
    27 Polichinela (Lecuona)
    28 Gitanerias
    29 Aragón (Lecuona)
    30 Valencia mora (Lecuona)

    Disc 2
    1 La brisa y yo (Lecuona)
    2 Devuélveme el corazón (Lecuona)
    3 Prelude in the Night “Preludio en la noche” (Lecuona)
    4 Yo te quiero siempre (Lecuona)
    5 Pavo real (Lecuona)
    6 Vals de las sombras (Lecuona)
    7 3 Miniatures for Piano “Tres Miniaturas” (Lecuona)
    8 Zambra gitana (Lecuona)
    9 Por eso te quiero (Lecuona)
    10 Vals azul (Lecuona)
    11 Vals en si mayor (Lecuona)
    12 Muñeca de cristal (Lecuona)
    13 Mi amor fué una flor (Lecuona)
    14 Vals en re bemol (Lecuona)
    15 Apasionado (Lecuona)
    16 Amorosa (Lecuona)
    17 Ahí viene el chino (Lecuona)
    18 Al fin te ví (Lecuona)
    19 ¿Por qué ta vas? (Lecuona)
    20 Mientras yo comia maullaba un gato (Lecuona)
    21 ¿Por qué ta vas? (Lecuona)
    22 Amorosa (Lecuona)
    23 Los minstrels (Lecuona)
    24 No hables más (Lecuona)
    25 Dame tu amor (Lecuona)
    26 Vals en re bemol (Lecuona)
    27 La 32 (Lecuona)
    28 Mis tristezas (Lecuona)
    29 En tres por cuatro (Lecuona)
    30 Muñequita (Lecuona)
    31 Burlesca (Lecuona)
    32 La paloma (Lecuona)
    33 Music Box (Lecuona)

  7. Did Lecuona also compose a song called “Tabou”?

    I have a CD of the Comedian Harmonists performing it in the late Thirties, but the sound quality is so muddy I can’t even tell what language they’re singing in. Gorgeous melody and rhythm, though.

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