10 thoughts on “The Island Brothel”

  1. His day will come. I think that the paredon should be used one last time after castro is gone for the people who have abused the island and her people.

  2. Who are these people??? Is it the Cuban government promoting this garbage??

    What does he mean by “dating”? I thought the revolution got rid of prostitution.

    This whole thing is sickening.

  3. The situation is so pathetic over there, a friend of mine who managed to escape several years ago told me how the perverts from canada and europe would bring lingerie or simply women’s undergarments with them to exchange it for sex given that the women on the island don’t have and couldn’t afford such basic necessities.

    There’s much more expolitation of women there today than there ever was and it’s primarily because they like everyone else is being suffocated economically by the so-called utopian ideal system.

    These wankers are bottom feeders and sick f___ks just like those scumbags who go to Thailand to prey and exploit underaged girls.

  4. I wish someone at Babalu would put a warning on the links – especially sexually themed links so we don’t open them up at work and get in trouble like i did.

    Just a thought.

    BTW – the whole island of Cuba is a brothel now.


  5. Its really sad. I am a cuban-american who was born in the U.S. I have never been to Cuban and I wont go until that bestia dies. I know of people from the states ,cubans, who go down there to pick-up on girls. That to me is sickening!!! More sickening than the euro trash that goes down there to do that.

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