A new hero of the left is born!

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the new hero of the American Left. This woman, Catherine Mayo, was involved in a little fracas in the air the other day:

A self-described peace activist responsible for the diversion of a London-to-Washington flight Wednesday acted bizarrely for hours, made references to al Qaeda and hijack training flights, and was restrained by two passengers after she urinated in the aisle.

Catherine C. Mayo, 59, a Vermont woman who also lives part time in Pakistan, was charged yesterday in federal court with interfering with a flight crew.

United Flight 923 was forced to make an emergency landing at Boston’s Logan International Airport under escort by two military jets.

“She’s got some very serious mental health problems,” said Page Kelley, Mrs. Mayo’s attorney, who described her client as “just barely lucid.”

Just barely lucid, check, that’s a qualification for the left. Peace activist, check. Acted bizarrely for hours, check. That’s definitely a qualification. Here’s more. As a correpondent for the Daily Times of Pakistan, (!) she wrote that

[t]he folksongs of the 1960s will never be written again because of President George Bush. He has hampered the liberties of my country in the name of September 11. Songs now can only talk of patriotism they cannot mention peace.

She also wrote that President Bush was “a president not elected by the people.”

OK, here goes: Folk songs, check. Mentioning the 60s, check. Bashing Bush, check, check.

Mrs. Mayo “took down her slacks and started taking down her underwear, and that’s when they got her. They were just passengers on the plane who immediately helped,” Mrs. Bartko said.

Nudist. Hmmm. I don’t know. But I’ll say, check. It may be a qualification. So, Ladies and gentlemen, Let’s welcome Ms. Mayo to the fold; a more perfect representative I can’t imagine. Well, then again, there’s Cindy Sheehan, and MIchael Moore, and Al Franken, and Cynthia McKinney, and…

(Read the whole article here.)

18 thoughts on “A new hero of the left is born!”

  1. All you need to know about this first-class loony is found in the piece she wrote for the Daily Times of Pakistan. Time HAS stood still for this moonbat: she’s been on overdrive looking through her rear-view mirror at the 1960’s instead of her windshield.

    Bien frita. Y asquerosa.

  2. I started to read this story in the paper today but quickly turned to the Sports section to see how Tiger Woods was doing at the PGA Championship. I didn’t really see much to the story…until I read George’s comments. He always manages to open my eyes. I had no idea they were escorted by fighter jets (!), that she urinated in the aisle (!), and that she writes for a Pakistani newspaper (!!) She ‘s just SO IN LINE with the Left that it’s scary. Was she wearing Birkenstocks under the slacks too? It won’t be long before Cindy Sheehan calls her and invites her to the new ranch she bought next to George Bush’s in Crawford, TX. Did you all hear about THAT?!
    Thanks for the insight, George.

  3. Wow, talk about infantile over-reactions and gross immaturity- I can’t have my way, therefore I’m going to urinate all over you? Today’s pee-ceniks- crying out for attention, and wet all over. Time to go back to kindergarten.

  4. What are the odds she lives on family money, but noone in her famly will talk to her after years of nuttiness and second chances? She’ll get a University professorship now.

  5. What a fscking loon. Makes all that tinfoil-hat stuff the Left likes to pass around Bush, 9-11, and the War on Terror make a lot more sense.

  6. If she doesn’t cut a deal with the feds, I’m hoping that before trial she’ll come down and make a pilgrimage to Mother Sheehan’s digs in Crawford ….. maybe we’ll get lucky and both of ’em will MELT in the Texas heat.

    Par de brujas.

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